Add buyer VAT information to Order Reports


You can now retrieve the VAT information of your buyers from the Order Reports. To do so, go to the page Add or remove order report columns, enable Buyer tax identifiers and Buyer company name, and save your changes. The following columns will then appear in your Order Reports:

  • buyer-tax-registration-id (buyer's tax ID)
  • buyer-tax-registration-country (country in which the tax ID is registered)
  • buyer-tax-registration-type (type of tax registration of the buyer)
  • buyer-company-name (buyer's company name)

Only users who have the permissions to Manage Orders and Order Reports will be able to make this change.

You should use this information to provide invoices to customers. If you still cannot see a buyer's VAT information after following those steps, it indicates that the buyer has not added VAT information to their account. In this case, provide an invoice using the information available. Please consult your tax advisor for further guidance.


How about if one is VAT exempt but unable to declare that status because seller central doesn’t make the option available.

I understand this is about buyer’s VAT, but was hoping once the seller declares being VAT exempt, Amazon would be able to authomatically generate any VAT invoices for the buyer, since all that information would have been supplied to Amazon by the buyer.


Exempt from VAT registration you mean. You only need to upload an invoice for business customers or anyone other customer who requests one. I seem to recall you are only selling in the UK so this should be fairly simple for you to do yourself until you are able to take advantage of Amazon doing it for you


Yes, thank you for your responce. My account has stopped since I flagged these issues with the verification team (inability to declare being VAT Exempt and change of entity to LTD), so with no sales, don’t have to do anything.

I only raised this as a way to see if it can get a reaction from Amazon, because I raised the topic, directly from an Amazon news feed, there was an Icon after the news feed saying start a conversation on the topic…

Do appreciate your decorum.

Very much Obliged.


Emm…its more about not holding a grudge. My style of posting has not changed. Good luck