Adding a new Customised product


Hi, I am completely new to Amazon and whilst i have just managed to get my head around listing products I cannot for the life of me see how to add in the customised option. Have looked at the online learning but the steps they tell you to take just don’t align to the drop downs etc . Help please! Thanks


once you have made it click on the dropdown menu on the right and you add customisation

I think you have to first register for the customisation programme though


hi and thanks, i have registered for handmade but dont get the option to customise - confused


drop downs are usually for variation listings - not customised

are you trying to set it up so that the buyer can choose an option from a drop down menu or, add their personalised info , ie a name or birthday etc for you to personalise a product ?


handmade and customised are two completely things


Custom is a feature set that allows you to offer customisable and make-on-demand products to Amazon customers. With Custom, you collect configuration or customization requirements from the customer in order to finish the product before shipping. If you are a Professional Seller offering customisable or make-on-demand products, register today by clicking the link below.

Register here


Thanks , I have tried to register and will wait and see what prevails.

I am trying to do both i.e. add in drop down for colours and qty as well as customisation.

Step by step but will get there , thanks for your response Regards


Thanks , every little helps.


You will be able to set up some customisation features in Handmade, but currently the ‘adding an image’ for the customer to upload an image and the ability to see the item customised is not available in Handmade. If you require this you need to list in the normal Amazon site (not handmade)
Though all features are meant to be coming soon to handmade …


Hey @SweetstyleUK,

There are some fantastic responses here.

Seeing as you are new, thank you for selling on Amazon by the way, I highly advise you to check out Seller University, you will see it mentioned in different threads, but there are a lot and a lot of topics there that you may find interesting.

I will also add the help pages that can sometimes be a bit confusing to find, placing it here.

While there is a lot of information here, I do think it will be helpful for you in the future.

Do keep us updated on how the customisation goes!



Many thanks for all your responses , it was a simple as not having registered for personalisation so feel a bit silly now :smile:

All now good and wish I had asked the question on the forum much earlier. Thanks to all who responded and no doubt If i can another issue i will be back on



Hey @SweetstyleUK,

There is nothing to feel silly about! Glad that you sorted it out and wish you the best of luck with selling on Amazon!