ALERT: Effective June 15, 2022, your listings may be blocked for non-compliance with EPR packaging law in Germany


If you send packaged goods to Germany or sell goods on in any form of packaging (product or shipping package), you need to provide your LUCID number for the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Packaging category by June 14.

Amazon will start blocking non-compliant listings on June 15, 2022, to comply with the EPR legal requirement that comes into effect on July 1, 2022.

If you’re already registered for EPR Packaging in Germany, submit your LUCID registration number on Seller Central.

If you’re not registered for EPR Packaging in Germany, learn more about Amazon’s free and paid solutions to help you meet your EPR compliance requirements.

We recommend that you register as soon as possible to ensure your listings aren’t blocked. It may take up to four weeks to register in addition to five working days for Amazon to validate your LUCID number.

To confirm your EPR obligations:

  1. Go to the EPR Reports page to download detailed information on sales of your products subject to EPR regulations, including packaging for Germany.
  2. Check the Verpackungsregister guide to determine if your packaging is also subject to system participation. You may be required to enter a contract with one or more packaging schemes (also referred to as “system participation contract”).

If you are subject to system participation, you must declare your packaging both to the schemes and to the German authority Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (ZSVR). In addition, you will need to pay fees to your respective schemes for the applicable reporting periods.

For more information, go to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Education.


I have my listings set to holiday settings for Germany as I only sell in UK. Will this new rule mean that all my listings will be blocked? Many thanks for any replies.


Hi. I’m in the same situation, only selling in the UK and have other marketplaces sent on holidays. Still see that allert on my main seller central page. I’ve raised a case with seller support and they said that if I don’t sell anything in Germany then I should just ignore this alert. However you never know with Amazon…


We have also placed Amazon.DE on holiday mode, There are so many concerns raised by sellers on this forum which appear not to be answered by the moderators and therefore does not give confidence to those who are selling on the platform.


well… what can I say - it is not very unusual that amazon doesn’t make some of their new rules clear for sellers. Lets wait and see. It’s 15th June and my UK listings are still active so probably it’s just what they said - to ignore this EPR messages :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve just noticed I’'m connected to 4 other non-UK marketplaces: Spain, France, Italy and Germany. I never signed up for this. How can I withdraw from all non-UK marketplaces?


Just closed our German listings just in case, there is a 100,000 euro fine allegedly for non compliance !

This new German law though only comes into effect on 01/07/2022 so do not know why Amazon are enforcing it now ?


How do you close a certain listing? We are connected to other non-UK marketplaces but only sell in the UK. Thanks


Hi, go to inventory > my inventory > search for the item > click the check box > click the drop down in the action on box at the top of the page > select close listing >confirm.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


apply holiday settings to the non uk channels and or close the listings if visible on the non uk channels :slight_smile:


Hi, go to inventory > my inventory > search for the item > click the check box > click the drop down in the action on box at the top of the page > select close listing >confirm.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Sorry to be a pain. Just a maybe silly question - When I go to edit listings it apears like this:

Is that definitely mean that I don;t have any listings elsewhere other than UK? :yum::yum::yum:



Would anyone here maybe know, if i delete all my German listings, will they still stay live on my UK account?



Yes they will stay live on all other marketplaces except the one you deleted them in


The law came into affect in January 2019, sellers could have been fined all this time, for non compliance
the update to the law, made platforms jointly liable for the fines from 1st July, so Amazon is just getting prepared


Not a silly question. I’ve still received overseas orders despite being listed for UK only. I think it’s because when I listed the items originally I put Europe/worldwide postage option on a lot of them, but not sure about that. would like to make sure mine are turned off too.


I sell very little in Germany now anyway since the ridiculous delays and demands to my customers for repeat VAT payments (despite clear IOSS markings on my packages) caused by Customs in the EU created a flood of claims for refunds for non delivery from customers. I now require every customer in France, Germany and Italy to pay for tracked shipping to give me some small degree of protection from these claims, resulting in customers having to pay (for example) £9 shipping for an item costing £1. No surprise then that hardly anyone in those countries orders from me now… but the claims have stopped. There isn’t anything to stop customers in Germany ordering from our Amazon UK listings though so putting your DE listings in Holiday status won’t stop all orders from Germany. I bit the bullet today and signed up with Lizenzero, registered with LUCID and reported my estimated packaging use. All legal again (until I have to do the same again and pay again for France).


if you remove germany from your international shipping template then they cannot buy from UK either


I had an email about 30 minutes ago saying my account would be suspended if I do not provide a lucid number. I don’t sell in DE or FR (but I am registered and have VAT registration in both countries, but we are too small a business to have the time to spend navigating the overseas markets). My UK MFN shipping template is UK Only.

I am on holiday mode in these countries and have no listings. And I cannot de-link these accounts or switch them off.

I hope Amazon do not suspend me. However I am a little worried.


is that because you used to be PAN EU ?
If so, have you checked that you no longer have any returned stock in Germany