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Hello Everyone,

As anyone ever had this. I sold a product £12.99 via FBA. and ive just seen that the customer as been fully refunded + £46

Ive asked Amazon why and they said this

I understand that you would like to know why the customer got refunded £58.99 for the order 205-5362061-5970734. I will certainly assist you with the order 205-5362061-5970734.

I’ve checked the Order ID: 205-5362061-5970734 and see that £58.99 was refunded to the buyer as goodwill by our customer service team on 06/25/2020. You may confirm the same from link below:

I would like to inform you that at times, refunds are made to buyers by making exception to Amazon standard policies by considering the goodwill of the organisation. These are mainly based on customer satisfaction and buyer retention policies. I appreciate your understanding in this regard.

As per policy other concession amount will be reimburse within 72 hours from the date of refund. So we recommended to wait for 72 hours.

Please be informed that if the reimbursement is not processed after 72 hours, pleas write back to us we will process reimburse manually.

Please let us know how we did.

The reimbursement they mention at the bottom - does this mean Amazon will pay them the £46 goodwill and reimburse me within 72 hours ? Or have i had to pay it…

I cant get Amazon to clarify and I cant even get them to acknowledge why they have received such good will

Any help from anyone who knows would be much appreciated…

All the best Mike


Yes, they are offering to reimburse the amount paid for goodwill.

You should receive notification of this by email, but you need to check and make sure that they do process it. They have been known to overlook the actioning of the reimbursement…


Thanks for that - thats a relief…


For future reference, it’s written into Amazon’s T&Cs (somewhere, I can’t be bothered searching for it right now) that Seller Support can issue up to a 200% refund at your expense, I would assume in your case because the amount paid was higher than this, the reimbursement was more-or-less automatic.

It’s also written somewhere that you aren’t allowed to argue with customer/seller support about the refund amounts they issue. You CAN however attempt to get reimbursed for the refund.

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