Amazon have stopped us listing an item but are using our stock and selling themselves


Last week amazon removed one of our best selling listings saying there were complaints we were selling used items but describing them as new. They have now appeared on this listing as the only seller and are using our FBA stock to sell the items. I know they are using our stock as i placed a fulfilment order for 10 of them and their stock reduced by the same amount. I have now created a removal order for all the stock and they now no longer have any available for sale.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?


… and the prize for the most hilarious used-as-new-claim goes to …


Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t find something like this hilarious!
It is someones livelihood that you are finding amusing…

Not very impressed.


Maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick here, but if you’re not getting paid for them surely it’s blatant theft?


We will need to check all the stock movements and make sure all the stock is there. Technically they could say it is “lost” and reimburse us accordingly.


Not had amazon sell my stock but they have taken down some of my listings and i have appealed over 50 times and they keep saying i have not provided enough evidence in my plan to say this wont happen again.

The item was brand new and sealed by manufacturer but has a small scratch on the display when customer complained i was selling second hand goods. I am now stuck with 15k of stock that i cant sell


Hmm, I’m no longer amazed, or surprised, with the things they get up to, one day it will come back and bite them on the proverbial :slight_smile:


there was a simalier post to this the other day and it turned out amazon were buying them from the sellers other listing on a differant market place