Amazon Listing Title not Updating!


Hello Everyone!
I just starting selling on Amazon, I created the listings by just entering the generic product title and a offer price, To just get a confirmation from Amazon that I can sell this listing without any certification. I got the confirmation from Amazon by opening many cases. And now my inventory is ready and also all labels are pasted. It will be shipped anytime. Now i’m trying to update my listings by putting all the things like description, Title, bullet points and search terms e.t.c. While doing the very first try and after doing all the changes when I clicked the save button, It says changes are made successfully it will take 15 minutes to be updated, But nothing is updated even after a day. I tried many times in the start but nothing becomes live. Today I tried again and everything is updating successfully except the title. In manage inventory tab my titles are showing perfectly. But on the live amazon buyer page Amazon showing the old title. I opened many cases by going through the proper way after clicking on get help. And didn’t get any perfect answer from any case. So now I’m approaching you guys here on seller forums.
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I think your mistake was not to complete all the details, including the proper product title, from the start. Getting things changed afterwards is very hit-and-miss. Amazon only treat your changes as “suggestions” which they may or may not implement


Firstly have you entered the country of origin? (New requirement as of today)

Secondly have you read seller university pages ?


I’m doing this since 3 years and besides this account I also applied on my friends acc. Everything is working fine on his account.


No I didn’t entered the country of origin. Does it have any connection with the upgradation of title.
And no I didn’t read any seller university pages



You are risking the suspension of both accounts if you do anything on someone else’s seller account. Amazon will detect the link and you will have a great deal of trouble trying to explain what you have done - you are only allowed to have or use one seller account on Amazon, except in very specific circumstances

And as @The_Little_Shop has said, you really MUST go through Seller University - you clearly do not know how to run an account on Amazon


Okay, So my items are manufactured form china, I have to put China in COO. Right?
And what about the other changes, The article that you send. It’s saying that Amazon will not allow to make any changes. But I make almost 95% changes in the listing and those changes was successfully published. The only thing which is not published is the title.


Are you a secondary user on their account , or logging in on your computer etc ?


Sometimes amazon won’t change titles - are you brand registered ?


No I’m not a secondary use and nor I opened his acc on my device. I just helped him to launch a product. I did a course regarding Selling on Amazon and they suggested that we must have to create the dummy listing, so we can get the confirmation from Amazon that we can sell the product without any certification and later on we can update the listing with optimized content.


Yes recently my brand got registered!


I know how to run a Amazon Acc. There’s not only Amazon Seller university to educate people about selling. There are many other paid courses.


Where ? Only amazons own seller university pages will give the truthful facts and instructions


But they have misled you
You should have put the real item details in


So which is it? And how are we supposed to believe anything else you say if you contradict yourself like that?


Can’t tell the name but they are also the professional ones. They are doing same things on their own accounts.


Well I hate to say it but you’ve paid them money and now caused you a problem


I said that recently I started “selling” on Amazon not working as a Amazon Assistant.


Are you also aware that amazon have recently put in place a limit on your quantity to send to fba ?