Amazon open to suggestions?


I have a store on Amazon. But on mobile and desktop, you only get the “search Amazon UK” at the top.

Would it not make sense to have another widget we can add that allows potential customers to search just in your store?

Yes, I have a lot of products for people to wade through (and possibly give up, I accept). But with landscape photography it’s location, location, location. Quality, price, size, etc., come after when customers choose. So they have a lot to wade through as I have to cover a lot of locations. Not everyone is going to go to, or even know, I have other sites. Which I wouldn’t even hint at anyway.

On my own site, it’s categorised by location (and all the photos have that data in their searchable meta data), but that’s a dedicated site for photography and doing it that way on here would be tricky, for multiple reasons too long to go into.

Just a suggestion if Amazon are listening.

Ta x


Buyers can search just your store, but currently they have to do so from your profile page (unless you give them a custom link) and the search is quite basic.

There was a post recently about a new search feature which might be what you’re after:


Cheers. Forgot about the Handmade profile and ‘store’ link. I had been directing people to that, but then the Store came and I thought ooh, that’ll look better.

Thanks for the link to the thread. I’ll keep an eye out and see if one eventually becomes available.


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