Auto campaign customer search term random string


I have been running campaigns for a couple years now and this problem hasn’t been a real issue up until now. With our auto campaign when we pull reports and look at the customer search term column we get a random generated string, obviously this makes it impossible to update the manual campaigns.

Please see the screen shot below with the random string highlighted in red

Does anyone know what is happening here?

Paying for clicks to other people's ASINS?

I believe this happens when your ad is displayed on another product’s pages. If the buyer clicks on your ad from that product page, no matter how they arrived at it, the keyword that is recorded and shown in red is the ASIN for that product.

My campaign havinging other ASIN

Ahh I see this makes sense now, I was confused by the lower case lettering and assumed it was nothing to do with the ASIN, thanks for this!

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