BHX4 Deliveries Delayed Without Explanation



We had 2 pallets going into Coventry BHX4. They were collected by Kuehne+Nagel as opposed to UPS who we usually get. They were scheduled for delivery on 26th Oct but late in the afternoon on the 26th that date suddenly moved right to December 14th. We have been given no explanation for this.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can expedite this or get them delivered?




Do you not think that maybe it’s due to the protests?
And no, you can’t speed things up, they will get there, when they get there.


Possibly and Probably because of the protests. But to push the slot to the right by nearly 3 weeks seems really unfair. Why not just delay it by a day or two?

I am chasing K+N but they have not wowed with performance to date.


This is because there is aleady a huge backlog of products waiting to go in, you will be in a queue.


Possibly because they already have deliveries booked in for that period after, as well!
Think about it, this is a company receiving thousands upon thousands of deliveries every single day of the year.


Personally, I would just leave things as they are. If you try to rebook another time with K&N, that could just delay things even more. Just let K&N take care of things for you.

But yes as others said probably a backlog due to the snowflakes causing havoc this week


This is Amazon.

It’s more likely to be SNAFU.


Wait, Dutchie here…
What protests? At the border? Corona-protest? Amazon worker protest?

I’ve heard nothing about this and would like to know more.

Also, my 6 boxes to BHX4 have been on their way for over a month now and 2 have been delivered since yesterday…


It was the Extinction Rebellion group that picketed many Amazon FBA centres and stopped all vehicles in and out.


Were facing a similar scenario and cant even open a case or log as to query as they state on the ‘Shipment Summary’

Delivered to BHX4,Plot 1, Lyons Park,Coventry,West Midlands,CV5 9PF,GB

Your shipment has been delivered to BHX4. Small-parcel shipments can take up to 4 days to move to Checked-in status. LTL and FTL shipments can take up to 10 days. During peak times, it may take longer.


3 FBA Shipments To BHX4, Pick Up 15/11, Delivered 17/11 Booked In & Closed Today

3 FBA Shipments To BHX4, Pick Up 16/11 Delivered 18/11 Status Open & Pending


SNAFU, not heard this terminology please let me know what it its?


You need to Google it :wink:


LMAO thats a new one for me, brilliant!


Pretty sure the American army invented it, but I may be wrong. :slight_smile:


Yes it is a military saying :grinning:


Origin [edit]. SNAFU was first recorded in American Notes and Queries in their September 1941 issue.


@Vanilla_Wood_Floors1 any further update to your shipment at BHX4 for booking in?



An interesting saga.

We booked in pallets for delivery in the following order with K+N or UPS - and have the delivery dates as scheduled / completed:

11/11 - K+N - scheduled for delivery 9/12
15/11 - K+N - scheduled for delivery 7/12
19/11 - UPS - Receiving as of 3/12
25/11 - UPS - Receiving as of 5/12

So the K+N deliveries are still not in despite being shipped before the UPS ones, all going to BHX4

I am hopeful that this week will then see the backlog cleared.


Thanks, were still waiting also


3 FBA Shipments To BHX4, Pick Up 15/11, Delivered 17/11 Booked In; Closed

3 FBA Shipments To BHX4, Pick Up 16/11 Delivered 18/11 Status Open; Pending


Morning @Vanilla_Wood_Floors1

Have yo managed to get an update on your shipments going in ours is still showing receiving since the 18 November!!!