BREXIT DEAL things back to normal?


It looks like we will have a Brexit deal! Does this mean things will return back to normal?


if you mean will amazon ship to europe again as in efn then no as we will no longer be in the customs union


they’re currently announcing there’s a ‘free trade deal’ … no details yet…


yes a free trade deal but we will not be in the customs union and so things will not be the same on amazon with regards to them shipping to the eu like they did with efn


I don’t really understand why Amazon can not provide customs clearance. They have sufficient data to sell all over the world through their export scheme.


totally agree paul but they wont oh by the way thanks for the tip to email md about our reserved
inventory i did it yesterday and it is now active again less than 24 hours remarkable isnt it 11 weeks back and forth with support and its fixed within 24hours emailing the md email thanks and merry xmas


Actually I answered my own question a few days ago but forgot. As I understand it tariffs are based on country of origin. So if all the product that the seller is shifting to a German FC is made in China then they will still be subject to tariffs.

Still don’t know why PAN EU can not be reintroduced for items with an EU/UK country of origin.


Oh, they are ignoring my last email.

Glad you got it sorted.

Merry Christmas.


These are the topics I’d like to see some dummies guides to in the next few days before 1st January (If Santa is listening? :slight_smile:

  1. What is the impact on retailing from UK into EU on merchant fulfilled orders
    a) On, etc
    b) On low value orders/high value orders - will there be a low value limit like we used to see with shipments to Norway for example.
    c) On Royal Mail shipment, on courier shipments (e.g. I’ve already seen an email saying DPD will charge £3.50 customs fees per shipment into EU.

  2. Now we can no longer use Pan EU to fulfil from UK warehouses we will be shipping more direct to German warehouses and allowing that to route PanEU stock.

  • What’s the process, what’s the impact of customs on courier SPD and pallet network deliveries?

We sell low value items, and before the pandemic had good direct sales to Ireland, France, Germany - I am not sure it will be worthwhile unless Royal Mail can still ship cheaply and with minor custom interruption.


I am trying to find out what the tariffs will be on moving my stock to a German FC. They are mostly toys made in china.

I also have some toys that are made in countries that have a FTA with the EU, so will those products be tariff free?

I can’t find this information anywhere.


Yeah… the rules of origin are unclear and are the key to if the UK goods imported from China would be subject to tariffs at the borders with Europe.


The email sent out earlier today was saying the origin is the ship from address, which must now be added when shipping orders etc.


I read it as - to have tariff free movement of goods they must have been produced in the UK? It is done to prevent circumvention.

This from the EU release:

The EU-UK Areement goes beyond recent EU free trade agreements with other third countries such as Canada or Japan, by providing for zero tariffs and zero quotas on all goods. This is especially important for sensitive goods such as agricultural and fishery products. For instance, without the agreement, exports of certain meat or dairy products would face tariffs above 40% under WTO rates, or 25% for canned fish – either way. Exports of cars, vans and trucks would also be hit by a tariff of 10% either way.
To benefit from these exceptional trade preferences, businesses must prove that their products fulfil all necessary ‘rules of origin’ requirements. This ensures that the trade preferences granted under the Agreement benefit EU and UK operators rather than 3rd countries, preventing circumvention. To facilitate
compliance and cut red tape, the Agreement allows traders to self-certify the origin of goods and provides for ‘full cumulation’ (meaning traders can account not only for the originating materials used, but also if processing took place in the UK or EU).



Well, that about says it all.


I would imagine there would be extremely high penalties for being untruthful in self declarations.


To be fair, if you have 40K products in your file, know off the bat at point of shipping the origin of all of them would be some task. Especially as the definition of origin is in some cases subjective.


What happens if they have been produced in another country that has a free trade agreement with the EU?


It’s not as simple as that. What you are talking about is diagonal cumulation which hasn’t been provided for in the agreement…

It’s a mess! and this is ‘with a deal’. Imagine the mess with no deal.:laughing:


From what I gather now, it appears that Northern Ireland will be both in the EU and the UK. Do I smell a loophole???


northern ireland still in the eu are you sure that cant be right