Brexit Latest FAQs: Account Health Metrics, Delivery Duty Paid & more


To help you stay informed of changes that may affect your business on Amazon, we have consolidated important updates and frequently asked questions related to Brexit on the Prepare your Amazon Business for Brexit Help page. We will provide updates as they are released, so check back regularly.

Will my account health metrics be impacted if there are issues at the border that are outside of my control?

To support you following the end of the Brexit transition period, we will be temporarily relaxing the thresholds for late shipment, cancellation and order defect rates starting January 1, 2021, to be reviewed again on January 31, 2021. We understand the adjustments to your business and new customs borders may have an impact on your order performance while you adapt to the new environment. As part of our commitment to your success in selling on Amazon, we will be monitoring any issues that arise due to Brexit and will work to ensure a smooth transition for you and your customers. During this adjustment period, we encourage you to continue monitoring the Account Health Dashboard in Seller Central to remain above our usual target rates.

What shipping method should MFN Selling Partners use?

Your list prices must include all taxes and duties which may be payable to receive your products. The rate will vary depending on the type and value of the products. Many express carriers offer delivery services which enable you to pay any import duties or VAT in advance of the customer receiving the delivery. These services may be described as ‘delivered duty paid’ or ‘duties and taxes paid’.

  • Goods delivered to customers in the UK

From January 1, 2021, if the value of your product is:

  • Below £135: you can choose your ship method. Pursuant to the UK VAT on E-commerce law, Amazon will collect and remit VAT directly to the UK tax authorities. Please visit this Help Page here for further information.
  • Above £135: you must ensure that any required taxes and duties are paid in advance of the customer receiving the item ( For example, by using a ‘delivered duty paid’ or ‘duties and taxes paid’ service).

  • Goods delivered to customers in the EU

After January 1, 2021, if the value of your product is above ‎22, you must ensure that any required taxes and duties are paid in advance of the customer receiving the item e.g. by using a ‘delivered duty paid’ or ‘duties and taxes paid’ service.

It is your responsibility to discuss with your carrier how duties and taxes will be paid and to choose shipping methods that ensure that customers are not exposed to such payments or delays upon delivery of the goods. Please note that having buyers pay duties is in violation of the Amazon Marketplace policies and can lead to the suspension of your seller account. Contact your carrier to discuss your options regarding the payment of duties.

Vat on eu orders

Why has Amazon extended the HANDLING TIME in the back end of my Asins ?
Our listings and the existing setting was , has and is set at the default of 1- 2 days

Amazon has reset this to 9 days !!!

Have received several different stories from Seller Central

Anyone else xperiencing this ?


Our shipping partner are having big problems out of 1600 orders shipped from 4th - 8th only 90 had been delivered to euro countries as of yesterday…

Dear Customer

Please be made aware of the following update with regards to delayed shipments to the EU.

As you are aware we are experiencing severe delays into the EU as a result of the recent Brexit changes.

While we have done extensive work to prepare for Brexit both on our internal processes and customer data we continue to experience extended delays on customs clearance. These delays are as a result of additional paperwork requirements and processes on both export customs clearance from the UK and import customs clearance into the EU.

We have been working constantly on refining our processes since the Brexit deadline to make the required changes to ensure successful customs clearance. We have now successfully moved freight through the export clearance from the UK and into both mainland EU and Ireland.

Due to the delays experienced we have a back log of material to clear into both mainland EU and Ireland. All material is ready and staged to move as soon as we have confirmation that customs clearance has been successful and no further changes need to be implemented. As a result we will continue to experience severe delays while the backlog is worked through and we settle into normal processes. We could see delays of up to two weeks, but this will improve daily now that freight is moving freely.

Please rest assured Senior Executives are constantly working on resolving this situation to ensure we recover as soon as possible and reduce delays .


so are we absolutely 100 % certain that products purchased on do not have to go DDP? it is purely those on the European marketplaces that have to be sent in this way?


Absolutely 0 clarity here on this post.

We are currently storing stock in the UK only and are FBM.
My understanding is this currently…
Sales made through Amazon UK with a delivery to the EU. (Republic of Ireland/Germany/France/Italy etc
We can send these DAP/DDU (duties & import vat to be paid by the customer)

Sales made through Amazon EU marketplaces with a delivery to the EU
We should send these DDP (no costs incurred to the customer)

Is my understanding right?


Amazon - can you please clarify the policy on this? Many sellers are unsure if taxes should be paid if the seller purchases away from their home site.

For example, if a German buyer purchases from, should the seller pay the taxes? If they purchase from .com then the buyer would pay the taxes so our opinion is that the same policy should apply to The guidance currently issued is not clear.


why should seller pay the duties and taxes if they are buying it from UK they must be aware that they are importing these goods and must pay customs etc just like any other country


We do indeed have to send everything DDP now to anywhere in Europe otherwise the customer get’s stung with taxes when going through customs resulting in refusals and refunds for taxes and in the worst case an A-Z case.

This should have really been announced before 1st January, January 15th is a bit pointless, damage already done.


How do I make sure I am sending DDP? Are the couriers showing these fees upfront? Any recommendation on a courier that is working for you in this way?


I disabled my EU sites now I am also wandering whether to remove International postage from my Shipping Templates as well.

Hmmm I’m tempted to buy something direct from Amazon FR and test to see if the reciprocal arrangement for pre-paid taxes is in place


I don’t understand why Amazon is collecting VAT for UK Sales (originating from UK fulfillment centre).
Surely there should be no change with UK to UK transactions?

Also, the link “here” to explain this isn’t opening, as in the sentence below:
“Please visit this Help Page [here]for further information.”

Can you check that link please? As I’m hoping it answers my question above


Are you / Is your business UK registered / located? If based outside of the UK Amazon are now required to collect vat and remit to HMRC


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, we are based in Republic of Ireland. I thought that could have something to do with it, but I don’t understand why. Our suppliers ship to us in Ireland and to Amazon fulfillment centres. We have been paying VAT within UK like any other UK seller, so don’t see the point, as revenue can surely see our Amazon sales anyway if they want.
Just makes it more difficult now as we have to reclaim VAT paid to suppliers.

Anyway, thanks for the information.


Hi, did you find any courier services offering DDP? Understanding that items have to be sent on a DDP service but I’m struggling to find anyone that does it. From what I understand, Royal Mail will not have this service available until Feb 2021.
Got this info from:


Our courier, GLS, is offering DDP service I think.
Presume you mean the Duty is paid by the sender (seller)?
If so, that’s what they offer. You can choose DUP if you want, but we’re just choosing DDP at the moment to avoid hassle for the moment.

They charge a €1.50 for clearance (which is a good bit cheaper than DPD afaik)

By the way, this is GLS ireland, it’s possible it’s different for GLS UK


Ive seen posts from other sellers saying the courier DPD are offering DDP services although the admin charge per item seems to vary a lot (perhaps the admin charge depends on volume, I dont know)


This is what we understand, but I believe we are going to received a lot of complaints from customers that will not pay the fees. Then what can we do? I think in order to avoid this situations better to send DDP.


Unfortunately, many overseas sellers have not and that is why HMRC have brought in this rule.


We use DHL they have setting to pay the DDP in advance its only costing around an additional £5 for Europe.


Are you using DHL Express or DHL Global Mail? If the former are you not also being charged a £4.50 Brexit fee?