Buying amazon returns pallets?


Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has any info on companies in the UK or EU that handle Amazon return pallets that they sell off ?

Im looking to give it a try, but it seems there’s lots of dodgy companies out there.

Any help would be great,


Buying pallets from amazon

Just a co-incidence, but this story popped up on the Daily Mail this afternoon … !


Haha, thats actually why i posted today. Ive been interested for a while, but it perked my interests again and thought id ask.

Kinda disgusting to see stuff get trashed, perfectly good lego sets and stuff simply destroyed.


Dont think amazon do that dont they sell all there returns as amazon wearhouse


There is a couple of companies that sell overstock and customer returns in the uk but usually they stipulate the stuff can’t go back on Amazon

You would need a big warehouse also as they sell by the truckload 1-2000 units usually


Just check:


Thats one, need to be vat registered or they won’t let you have an account


Anyone used these guys before ? any stories ?

Im VAT registered, but dont have a big warehouse to spare unfortuantly.


I wouldn’t bother with the customer returns, 90% junk and useless

I would imagine they keep the good stuff for Amazon warehouse deals

They usually verify the account in a few hours so worth a look, they have auctions ending everyday


Hmm, thing is … People wouldnt be buying them if there wasnt money to be made.

There’s plenty of businesses that solely focus on returns, right ?


The same company do john lewis returns small pallets and i had a few last year to put on ebay

I Barely broke even, was all mostly broken or missing parts which i had to sell as spares or repair

The manifest sounded amazing


I see, i guess there’s certain gems out there that you have to find. No person in there right mind would tell others about a company selling pallets off at low prices.

One guy on reddit spoke about a place he used to get tech return palets, that were filled with cameras, consoles and phones for 10% of the price. Until they stopped trading. we need to find the right place.


You don’t need to be trading at VAT required levels to be VAT registered.

Anybody can be VAT registered, regardless of your turnover.

In a previous life, absolutely nothing to do with ecommerce, I was VAT registered on projected turnover, and although this was way off the mark, I just kept the registration because it allowed me to deal with suppliers who wanted either LTD companies or VAT registered, and so would otherwise have not allowed me to buy from them.


Theres an online & live auction in Manchester that sells amongst others QVC & B & Q overstock & returns,used to get a lot of very good stock off them.


Gem in N.Wales do Argos and Tesco direct returns. I used to deal with them a few years back when I did a lot of Carboot sales. Its a lot more work than you think. Occasionally you would get something you could make real money on but most of the time you got complete sh*te that you would have to spend time repairing or taking 10 units apart to make 7/8 working ones. Far easier ways to make money!


There is also you can drop on from time to time but usually when there is a good pallet everyone is bidding on it.


It depends whether the goods are genuine or not. Another recent story was about a major Chinese outfit that were counterfeiting Lego.

Amazon would be required by law to identify and destroy any counterfeit Lego products. It may also explain why we have seen an increase in the number of accounts suspended for listing Lego items. Amazon will be co-operating with Lego’s efforts to tackle the sale of counterfeit products.



Returns are actually quite easy to make money out of.
All it takes is a little common sense and some hard work!

You need to be very careful as to exactly what you buy.
Far better for a lot of things, to be sold via market stall etc, rather than on Amazon/Ebay and so on.
It really depends on what you want to buy.

But it is a viable way of making money!
I buy several pallets a months and quite easily get through them.
There is always a market for this kind of stuff.


I have a Bstock account
and last year did buy 15 pallets which is what they class as a lorryload

Trouble is small percentage of high end items and lots of cheapish items

I paid just short of 5k including shipping and vat
An made about 4k profit but took along time and my warehouse is not cheap

So proberly wont go back

Was about 1500 items but about 1000 were vauled at £20 or less
and you do have to deal a lot with repairs
i have the same issue
i have a 1500sqft warehouse and same size office which both are shared
But over especially this year or couple of years lots of companies repair inhouse and a lot of the stuff i know for a fact not just amazon send to landfill
They dont want you copying or non autherised sellers to stock there products

I have never dealt with but when i see the pallets doesnt ever seem any money in them

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