Cannot list as NEW - Only Refurbed and Used


Hey, we have a few units of an ASIN left over and we can only list it as “Used - Like New” or “Refurbished - Like New” We cant list the item as “New”

Do we need permission or something? The ASIN allows us to list the product but just not as a NEW item. There are from the manufacturer and we have permission to sell them but for some reason its just not showing new as an option.



There could be a few reasons why you are unable to list the ASIN as “New”. One possibility is that there are existing sellers with the same ASIN who are already listing it as “New”, and Amazon’s system may be preventing you from creating a duplicate listing.

Another possibility is that there may be certain restrictions or requirements in place for selling the product as “New”, such as a minimum quantity or a specific condition for the product.

To resolve this issue, you can try reaching out to Amazon Seller Support to inquire about any restrictions or requirements for listing the product as “New”, and to ask if there are any issues with your account or listing that may be preventing you from doing so. They may also be able to provide guidance on how to properly list the product as “Used - Like New” or “Refurbished - Like New”.


Are you basically copying and pasting things from ChatGPT or some other AI?


Maybe it’s a ‘New’ Seller-Support system that Amazon are trying out?
Every message @Alshafee posts seems to be a standard cut and paste response, but with better grammar than seller-support.


They are not trying to create a duplicate listing, but add to an existing ASIN.


They are an actual seller as they have a Amazon Selling page and sell a mixture of branded goods.

I think they may just be a very enthusiastic new seller who believes that Seller Support are able to fix everything if you contact them. I am sure as time passes they will realise this is not the case!