Certificate of Declaration of conformity


Could any one guide me how to get Certificate of Declaration of conformity for listing charger plugs on amazon UK market place. As one i have got from Samsung UK is not being accepted by amazon. Thanks


Only the manufacturer of a product can produce this as they are the people who have put an item through the required testing. If your product is not a Samsung then naturally Amz will not accept their declaration of conformity for a different product. Ask the manufacturer of your item.



Thanks for your reply. But i have submitted that for Samsung plug but still they are not accepting that document. :frowning:


Does the CoC mention the actual part number of the charger or is it a generic certificate?

Does the CoC mention EU regulations or just US or other regions?

Have you proved to Amazon that your products are genuine Samsung?


We’ve previously supplied these each Certifictae of Declaration of Conformity is unique to the individual product EAN/UPC and ASIN number. They are signed by the manufacturer and include, here’s an example they should look like this


Firstly check your paperwork some invoices are issued along with the declaration/certificate of conformity.
Try the distributor or your supplier as they may have it?
If not, some manufacturers make this available on their web site.

The Declaration of Conformity is a legal Document which must accompany all CE Marked products sold in the European Union.
This document needs to include the following:
Name and address of organisation taking responsibility for the product
Description of product
A list of the applicable safety directives the product complies with
Details of relevant standards may be included.
The manufacturer or a representation of the organisation placing the product on the market should then sign the Declaration.
You will need to double check that what you have sent does infact have all the above info mentioned on it.
Hope this helps



Thank you for your guidance. Basically document i have got from Samsung do have all of the information you mentioned. You can see that in this picture i have attached. But still i am unable to understand what is issue in it.

Will be grateful if it is sorted.


Thanks for your guidance. :slight_smile:


Have you uploaded this sheet to the corresponding ASIN using the SDS upload tool on Seller Central that will usually clear the HAZMAT / Conformity issue



Basically i am trying to list new product and that listing needs approval. Therefore i have submitted this Declaration certificate. Could you please guide me how i can use SDS upload tool on seller central.



Yes it’s easy you simply use the SDS Tool , link below, put the ASIN in , browse the file , click upload




Thank you very much for your help. I have uploaded documents as per your guidance. Hope so it will work now. :slight_smile:


Just bear in mind it takes a few days to be approved but you can raise a case in Seller Central or respond to any existing case stating you have uploaded the relevant SDS sheet against the ASIN and they will be able to see it


Okay no worries i will wait. If still there is any issue i will try to communicate with you. :slight_smile:




As per you guidance i uploaded that document on SDS tool and still did not get any reply from amazon. Could you please assist me what should i do now?



Hello, they don’t normally reply , the product just becomes available to send to FBA


Okay thanks… But i dont want to do FBA. I am dispatching items by myself… I tried to relist item under that ASIN i uploaded on SDS tools still its asking for approval. :frowning:


What sort of approval? The category you are trying to list in maybe gated to you as appose to the actual product itself


Please see attached photo for that approval we are struggling to get cleared from amazon


What am I missing? You have submitted a Samsung Certificate for a unbranded copy that has nothing to do with them. Correct?

EDIT: The reviews are awful, it appears to be a very poor copy.