Creating my first shipment!


So I have a shipment of 5 boxes of 20 in each box all the same product, it is saying it’s only 1 SKU code? Does this mean that it’s the same code for all boxes that come in? Also do I need to supply barcodes for each unit in each box or just one for the box it comes in? Sorry I’m new to the e-commerce stuff and want to get this right so I can not make mistakes. Also it’s asking for Shipping date is this the date it’s shipped from the supplier or the date in which it will come to the FBA warehouse?


Have you gone through that section of the seller university yet?

1 sku = 1 product

Have you selected amazon barcodes? The labels are created for you in step 1

And as per your previous thread, do you have a business account on amazon, are you registered with hmrc and do you have insurance? Just checking to make sure you don’t get further problems down the line


That’s why 20 mins before you created this thread we recommended reading seller university pages on your other thread before you dive in at the deep end

Not reading through the guidelines, not ensuring your account is fully verified, not checking your stock by getting Chinese factory to send straight to amazon means we’ll more then likely see you back here very soon unfortunately


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I do agree with @Sequin and @The_little_shop. Please make sure you go through University Pages before creating your first shipment. Let me link here How FBA Works section which is covering “Your first FBA shipment” topic.



Hey @Shopify_supplies,

New seller here as well, so have rcently been asking your same questions. I would echo the previous replies recommending that you go through Seller University material. In addition to that, I would also recommend watching this video as another resource
(Disclaimerr: I am not responsible not benifiting form sharing this additional material, but I found it greatly useful to me).

The answers to your questions:

  • It is saying it’s only 1 SKU: that’s because you are sending in multiples of 1 item. If you are sending in 100 units of a shampoo bottle, that is 100 units of 1 SKU.
  • Question about barcodes: Each single unit you are sending in (your 100 units) will all need a barcode on them, additionally, the box which contains 20 units will also take 2 labels (one is for the amazon center to identify the box and the other is for the shipping company who will collect it from your address). This is explained in the video I posted above.
  • Shipping date: That is when you expect to book a collection with the shipping company from your address. You will need to book this date again on the shipping company website once you have confirmed the shipping plan on Amazon (all this is shown in the video I posted). If you willl use the Amazon partner for shipping (UPS), you will need to log oto UPS website, initiate a collection from your address and provide the tracking codes which Amazon will show you once you have confirmed this shipping plan. On UPS website you shall select the date you want them to come to collect your products.

Good luck!


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