Customer sent message to say they received an empty box without product inside sent by FBA S&L


Hi All …

Customer sent me a message and said they received an empty box with no product inside … I packed each product and taped each box … my first go at Amazon FBA Small and Light so was extra cautious! what do I do now? I thought Amazon dealt with all customer service and issues? Help! TIA !


They do - so you need to direct them that way.


Amazon do deal with all customer service issues

Reasons why this might occur are

  1. The customer is lying and wants a refund. I get the occasional message such as this and every time I tell the customer to contact Amazon customer service I never hear anything again and the item is never returned/refunded

  2. The item has been returned to Amazon by another customer. The customer returned it empty. Amazon didn’t check the contents of the box and just put it back into stock

  3. If you are using the manufacturers barcode they may have sent someone elses product and not yours. This might not have been sealed the same and the item fell out.

  4. The item has been removed from the box at some point between check in and delivery to the customer. I think this is probably the least likely answer.


Hello @Glammasters_UK,

“ghost” item delivered? :slight_smile:

As mentioned by @Smiley_Guy and @osgood, the customer can contact customer service and they will support.

Kind regards.

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