Deleting and relisting an ASIN


Had this reply from seller support , this has never been the case, have things changed? I’d be very dubious deleting and relisting an ASIN with over 10,000 reviews!! :thinking:

If the error still persists, you will need to delete your product listing, wait 24 hours, and then relist the product with the correct information. Deleting and relisting the product with the exact SKU will not affect your existing FBA inventory (if any), ASIN sales history or reviews. Changes may take up to 24 hours to be shown in the detail page.


You would only be deleting the product from your inventory, not from the Amazon catalogue - only Amazon can delete it from there. So the reviews will remain on the catalogue: it’s just your sale offer that will disappear and have to be reloaded after the 24 hours delay


Just to help clarify the above. Your actually being asked to delete the SKU and not the product itself.

Just in case, if it’s FBA, then when recreating it, be sure to use the same SKU, or you will have stranded inventory.


What is the error? In my experience deleting and relisting a SKU does not resolve issues.


The material is wrong on a few items, I’ll give the above ago :slight_smile:


I’ve done it a few times with listings, and found it to work some of the time.
Though it does tend to be the last resort. :slight_smile:


This has always been the case, nothing has changed.
Make sure you take note of the ASIN before deleting the item and use that instead of an EAN when re-listing, to guarantee that it matches up to the correct listing.


Sorry, you need to be more specific on this one for FBA. It has to be the same SKU and not just ASIN.


I’ve just been asked to do this and it’s making me nervous, not going to lie.

I have changed information on my product page to help with SEO and it’s not updating 3 days later so amazon has recommended I do this.

They have assured me I won’t lose reviews or ranking.

Anyone done this before?


There’s no reason you should lose any reviews or such as you’re not deleting the product page, you’re just removing your offer from that product.

When you re-add your offer, you’re just placing an offer against the existing listing that was still in the catalogue in the mean time.


Thanks for your swift reply.

Do you think I’ll lose out on ranking as my product is ranking very well at the moment.


I have been told to delete the ASIN and relist my 2 products but I am in the process of changing them from merchant fulfilment to FBA. As they haven’t been with Amazon yet I’m a bit nervous of losing the listings? Can anyone help with this?

I also can’t see how to delete the ASIN?

Thank you.


Again as stated in the above responses, there is no issue with deleting the asin from your inventory as it only removes it for you - not the entire catalogue

What is the reason though that you need to delete it ?
If you are just converting it from fbm to fba you are better off just adding another condition and making the new sku an fba offer

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