Disable Amazon reselling returns?


I always thought it was possible to prevent Amazon from returning customer returns to inventory even if they were deemed as sellable but I’m now not able to find a way to achieve this.

Any ideas if that is something I can enable in FBA settings somewhere?

Customers are returning items with return reasons that mean they have clearly opened and used the product but Amazon are putting them back in my inventory. Now I’m getting feedback from other customers stating the packaging was ripped open.



Likely a shipping issue then


Thanks but this is grade and resell programme, not sure that will achieve what I want. I just need all customer returns to come back to me automatically.

Possibly but Amazon are clearly putting marking products used by customers as sellable.


Oh I see what you mean. Hm, I have no suggestion there, sorry!


Amazon, same settings as Grade and Resell.

‘If you choose to opt out of this service, the returned units will be moved to your unsellable inventory and will require removal or disposal at your expense.’ ‘The FBA Furbishing Service provides FBA sellers with the opportunity to return customer returned units to sellable status when the units are in new and sellable condition but require low-touch refurbishing activities such as polishing, re-adjustment or packaging before they can be sold again as new’


It’s the furbishment settings that you will need to disable.


This box is already deselected on my settings.


I’m pretty sure that no matter what you do, if an item is returned and looks like it’s still brand new, they will put it back into stock anyway.
Are you sure that your not seeing issues from deliveries, rather than returns as such?
Seeing reasons such as packing being ripped open seems to me, to be more likely an issue with the delivery, than returned stock being sent out.


Could well be that @NEil. I will keep an eye on the situation. Meanwhile I’m looking for a solution so that the grip seal bags my product are supplied in are obviously opened by a customer so that the Amazon warehouse team can see they have been used. This should be obvious to anyone anyway but well…

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