Dispatch notification issues


I have recently sold two books.
I posted them in good time.
I have received emails saying that I need to click to show that I have dispatched them.
When I click the link in the email, there are no items listed and no orders registered.
This also happens when I try to log in normally, without following the email link.
I know that I have items in my inventory and want to tell the system that my items have been dispatched.
What has gone wrong, and how can it be put right?
Could I be inadvertently holding two seller accounts with different passwords?
If so, I do not know what the second (original?) password is.

ALSO: am I correct in thinking that the sellers’ payments are not released by Amazon until after the items has been noted as dispatched?

Any help here is welcome.
A long phone call to Amazon support yesterday resulted in much confusion on both sides, mostly due to language problems and the operative’s reluctance to deal with the issue.



You must go into your account - Orders - then mark as despatched. You won’t get paid until marked as sent.

If you dont have the orders showing then they dont exist.

If you have more than one account (how can you not know?) then Amazon will close both down once they spot them as this is not allowed without prior written permission.

Please check out Amazon University to see how Amazon works as you are so unsure.


The chances are that your orders are now outside the default display window.

Log into your account normally and click on orders.

You should have a summary screen that shows

Pending, Unshipped, Cancelled, Shipped and No Invoice Uploaed

You should according to the email, be showing a number next to unshipped.

When you click on unshipped makes sure your Date Range option isn’t just set to 3 days, I’d suggest 180 days or something to ensure older orders are shown.

Yes, unless you mark the item dispatched you won’t get paid. I expect that now, unfortunately you will be facing at least a performance warning for not shipping the items on time as well.


Hi Peter,
Thanks for this.
Even with 180 days it says I have no orders even though I have had quite a few in that period.
I need to speak to someone at Amazon to try and get this sorted.
Wish me luck.


Have you checked pending, shipped and cancelled?


Have you ever seen orders in Seller Central?

If not, how have you been getting customer information and putting postage labels on them etc.?


Hi Liam,

I will send you a private message regarding this issue.



That is always a mistake. There are many phishing emails going around, taking you to a bogus seller central site, then recording your login and password. I never click on links in emails, just case.
Is it possible that you have already marked the orders as dispatched and the email has been delayed or not read until after you did this? Can you see the orders under the shipped or cancelled section?

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