Do have Amazon a database with customers which used to make fraud on Amazon?


Not saying its correct but sometimes you have to read between the lines
It’s possible that buyer placed order and was hoping for delivery on 1st EDD
They got a ping on their phone saying item has been delivered but as you said- it was at reception so they may not have had it until checking at reception desk later
It may have arrived day after they needed it so contacted amazon to see what their options were

You said they haven’t opened an a-z or left a review or feedback so not sure what you are actually reporting them for at this point ?!


Indeed, nothing wrong with this customer. Except that first said: “My package is registered as delivered in Courier System but I never received the package” and then after I sent the signed proof he changed to " I got the order after due time, I want to receive money back"

And as happened with previous experiences on the same pattern, the next step was customer logged an AZ claim.
Sorry, but I am closing here. Thanks for the answers!


One more. I am a software developer, I volunteer at Amazon to make them a reporting tool for bad customers, and also with statistics reports for those who cross the common sense level. If many sellers report the same customers, some measures should be taken. If are isolated situations, then nothing is to be done.


they do have a reporting tool - it was put in the post above - but amazon will never disclose the outcome of those reports


I do not see the category here, so I am not so sure that exists such. Do not expect Amazon to disclose, just to stop customers from giving feedback/reviews if are many complaints against each one of them.
And eventually one big goodbye.


The point I am making about this order you have referred specifically to is that they have not opened an a-z , not left feedback and not left a review


All platforms have collect data and if its the buyer is abusing the platform you would normally expect the appropriate action. Sellers can report the information the matter to Amazon but unable to let the seller know the outcome of any investigation. We have seen an increase in people abusing Amazon platform putting in false claims against the courier when the order has been delivered even using fake names and inaccurate delivery addresses.




Another example: One requested a refund with the reason “no longer need”, hoping probably that we will not request back the product. We did refund after we got the product back.
After 3 months she order again and of course, THE SAME PRODUCT, and followed by same refund request “no longer needed”. We requested back the product and mention about first refund.

She never replied back. She probably realized that she ordered on the same seller. Our products are unique, we have EUIPO certificate, so no chance for customers to confuse them with another product. So, if first time realized the product is not good, why she order second time ?
So, if in the 3 months tried to fool us twice, I do not want to imagine how many sellers she did fool, some requested back the product, some not.

And I have a lot of examples …


On the subject of suspected dishonesty I wonder how Amazon reclaim their costs for international orders when the seller has used their IOSS number? Amazon will be paying customs charges.


I can only hope it involves having to get through several levels of chatbots.


MD? If you can contact the MD then you are one of a very small number of people who can. Most of us mere mortals cannot contact anyone in management never mind the MD.


They mean using the managingdirector@ email. Its not obviously all going to the MD at amazon - its essentially a next level support function.


send this to "" as he has been made aware of these issues and provide screen shots and any other examples.


As mentioned, would be the most suitable route


Based on our previous post in appears to us that there are some number of buyers in France are putting in false claims against Royal Mail. They specifically select untracked items and then wait 15-20 days before writing a review saying they have not received their order when they have already received their order. The feedback system clearly state the buyer should contact the seller if their is a problem but instead they give a one star review saying the order did not arrive. We believe this buyers have been asked to write these reviews by someone who used to live in the UK who has emigrated to France.

Any genuine buyer will always contact the Seller before writing one star reviews knowing the seller has selected a third party to delivery the order. It appears a number of buyers are not selecting problem with order but writing one star review and then expecting the seller to contact them to find out what the issue is. eBay had this issue where other sellers were getting their friends to write fake reviews about the service and then eBay changed their policy. I do feel that Amazon should review its policy in line with eBay to prevent dishonest buyers from writing reviews which the seller has no knowledge of unless the review the feedback which has been left unfairly and damaged the seller metrics.

We though we would mention the above to raise awareness no all buyers are honest. 75 Orders in France were dishonest customers…


I don’t know of anyone who has been able to contact anyone in management or at any ‘next level’. Email to managingdirector@ goes nowhere or is simply ignored.


I can confirm I have had a response when emailing the managing director team on a few issues.


That’s not correct. Loads of sellers have reported on this forum that they have had success with the managing director email route.


All Amazon has to do is look at the number of negative feedback seller is receiving divide the number of orders with the number of issues to show that the seller is being subjected to coordinated activity. 30% to 50% problem orders is very high percentage.