Do I need pallets / where do I get this from? Please help


I have 35 boxes to ship (size: 30x40x30 inches) each. Amazon suggests 3 palettes.
Does the Amazon courier bring the pallets with him when he collects my boxes or is this something I have to buy/ rent in advance?
Do I need the pallets ?
First time seller - please help!


No, you don’t have to send it in on pallets.
But for that kind of quantity, it will probably be considerably cheaper to do so.

As to where you get pallets from etc, it’s no different than buying boxes to pack them. You find somewhere that sells them and buy them.
You then pack your pallets and wrap them in clear pallet wrap ready for collection.
However, if you are sending from a residential property, then you will struggle to find a pallet company that will collect from you. Never mind that you probably won’t have anywhere to put them whilst waiting for collection.


Have a read of seller university pages before you send anything to fba


Thank you Neil, this was very helpful


Make sure your account is fully verified as well before you send anything


Sorry, what do you mean?


I have now changed (re-paid) to small parcel delivery - however, Amazon wishes me to send to 6 destinations.

Do I need to book a collection through UPS or has this already been done for me?
If I need to book, then what ‘ship to’ address do I put?

Thank you in advance!


If you chose UPS services with the shipment, then it should have produced labels for each box.
That is shipping labels AND FBA (box) labels.
If you didn’t choose UPS, then you will have to arrange shipment yourself.
It will then only product FBA labels.

Assuming it is UPS, then you will need to arrange collection, using the tracking numbers from your shipment.


Are you registered on amazon as a business and sent all your company docs - AoA etc to amazon for verification ?
And is your insurance in place for FBA ?


Thank you again Neil. The issue is, Amazon has selected 6 locations for my boxes. For example, 6 boxes are going to Dunstable, 7 boxes to Browburn and so on. Does this mean I complete 6 separate collection forms on UPS?


I know if you call to arrange the collection you usually just give 1 of the tracking numbers and the total number of boxes, they don’t need the destination address
Presume the website is the same …


No you don’t need to complete 6 separate collection forms. Just complete one form

I have loads of shipments split over multiple destinations and i only fill out the one form. The UPS collection guy/lady is not interested in where they are going just how many you have to pick up. When they get to the depot they are then sorted onto to different trucks for different Amazon centres.


Appreciate it seems off topic but limited company verification can take several weeks and you could be incurring storage fees etc and be unable to sell so best to check :slight_smile:


Or worse, selling the stock with no access to funds …


This was helpful, thank you
I called UPS and one tracking number sufficed

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