Dodgy customer, dodgy address or something else?


I have recently been sent a message from a buyer who claims an item has not been received yet and they want a refund. This was an item ordered on the 23rd of December so quite a while ago, and also in 2nd class signed for. When I try to track the number on Royal Mail it just says ‘An update will only be provided when we attempt to deliver your item’. Does this mean that it’s still at the sorting office and they haven’t delivered it, or they just haven’t bothered updating on the delivery process? The reason I ask is because I have tested this on other 2nd class signed for items and they say the same thing, and these are items posted even before this and I’ve not heard back from the customers to say they’ve not received these. In fact over Christmas I’ve been rather fortunate in terms of items not turning up based on messages (so far) even with a fair few sent standard second class.

This customer however ordered a previous item from me before that had to be refunded for not being received, way back before the RM strikes, so I’m a little suspicious. Another item was posted to them since this latest one a few days later and they haven’t mentioned this one not being received.

I guess I should just refund them anyway without any queries?


It could be either. Items posted as far back as November are still turning up as some sellers will tell you, or not scanned on delivery (esp with Signed For). That’s the problem with Signed For, even though I’ve used it a lot myself - not scanning on delivery. Or the opposite, scanning, realising they’re not in and taking it back in the van with them.

The customer’s past behaviour would make me suspicious, but you have no evidence they are wrong unfortunately. You can stall - “I’ll open an investigation, etc” - but we’re maybe past that point now.

I’ve been surprised myself how few customers have chased up late items this year. Maybe the message did actually get through. To some. Not to international customers now unfortunately who are chasing me on a daily basis.


Thanks for the reply.

Obviously if they start claiming that the item after this one hasn’t been received I’ll be even more suspicious. I’ve asked them if they received that one and other post so I’ll wait to see what they say.

I know I’m resigned to giving them a refund either way and I should hopefully have no problems getting compensated by RM as there is nothing there to suggest it has been delivered.

Is there an option on Amazon to prevent a certain customer from ordering from you?


No - you can report them if you believe they are suspicious to amazon but it is then left to amazon what they chose to do with the customer.


Ok thanks.

Makes sense in terms of how much Amazon stick up for the buyers and not the sellers.


No, you cannot block buyers.


They have now replied and said they haven’t received either of the two items I sent, so I’m now very suspicious. Not even like they expanded on anything or told me they had received other post. Just a quick “not received either”.

I think I will therefore report them. How do I go about doing this?


Suggest - Clarify address before doing anything.


Yes, check to see if the address details match the postcode here:

Was it sent as a large Letter or a Small Parcel?

I’m not sure about signed-for but RM tracking never normally works with large letters.


I already clarified the address with them when I was investigating the previous item not turning up. I asked them along with a lot more whether I had the correct address and their response was: "Yes that is correct address can I have refund please as went to town and bought it as my little boy’s birthday is tomorrow"

I don’t want to call them a liar but it looks more than a little coincidental and suspicious when I’m going to have to refund all 3 items they’ve bought from me (one from early October), when nobody else, at least in January has even got in touch to say they’ve not received anything bought around the same time, or even before. Plus they seem to be quick to emphasise wanting the refund.

The annoying thing is there is no tracking information from RM, just the same message about giving an update once it’s delivered. This worries me that RM either haven’t even bothered updating, or these 2nd class signed for items still haven’t been delivered 1 month on. If it’s the former then it just will allow dodgy buyers to take advantage of the situation.


Rather than saying you want to report the customer, maybe be diplomatic and ask if they can check to see if this is repeated problem with the customer, rather than outright accuse them.

Report a buyer violation

If you are having trouble with a buyer or a buyer’s order, you can report it:

  1. Go to Contact us .
  2. Select Other .
  3. Select Report a violation .
  4. Enter the appropriate information.


“I’m not sure about signed-for but RM tracking never normally works with large letters.”

I’m not aware of that but ridiculous if true. Leaves you with no leg to stand on when proving it’s been delivered and opens up the chance for people to make false claims about items not showing.

Is there a tactful way to tell this person to go and do one, as it were? Lol. I don’t want for them to buy from me again.


See my above post !


Yes I agree, that would be the best way to go. I imagine if I reported and they had history, Amazon would pick up on it anyway, but maybe not.


The tracking on LL works (to some extent) with RM’s internal systems but whenever I’ve checked it on their public site I always get the ‘tracking info not available’ message.
It does at least acknowledge that the tracking ID is valid but that’s about as far as it goes.


If tracking says ‘An update will only be provided when we attempt to deliver your item’ it implies delivery has not been attempted. It could be its delivered and it wasnt scanned by the postie. Either way you’d have to refund the buyer as there is no evidence its been delivered.

I’d file a claim with Royal Mail for a lost item. You’d win this as there is no evidence its been delivered.

If you post your items at a post office, you may be better off buying postage from the Royal Mail website. Until the end of January you can get Tracked Parcels for the same price of Standard parcels. Better service too.


No, it wouldn’t make any sense would it, amazon giving you the power to block people just for continually stealing from you! What next shops being given the power to ban habitual shoplifters? No more cheap trainers, steak, coffee, make-up and clothes available in Wetherspoons! It could mean the end of the British economy as we know it!


unfortunately if you havent proof of delivery you dont have a leg to stand on simple as that


if you have royalmail business account claim it on royalmail site, provide them tracking information that the parcel has not been delivered with relevent paperwork, eventually you would save some cost, if you have posted via postoffice then claim it by postoffice receipt, i assume you have business account, because only business account deliveries shows An update will only be provided when we attempt to deliver your item
Unfortunately if the tracking shows no sign of delivery , there is nothing much we can do !
Good luck


Two items for the same customer reported as not being received is very unusual/potentially dodgy…I’d tell them you are going to report this matter to the Royal Mail fraud department and see what their reaction is - whether you carry through on your threat is up to you of course