Does changing prices in GBP automatically change them in EUR?


I think that generally when i reduce a price in, the price gets reduced respectively in the other EU sties. But not always and not for all products.

how do i make this rule universial? i want to be able to change price once and know that the change reflected all markets.


You need to link your products.
If you built your listings on the other sites using the build international listings tool, then they should already be linked.
However, if you have amended any prices manually on the other sites, you will probably have broken the link.


thanks Neil, thats exactly what i needed.
when seling products that are well circulated, everything is linked.

but it seems that if the product does not exist in any marketplace, i have to create the listing one by one in every market. at the listing creation, each market asks for a “price”. so i feel i am breaking the link at its creation…
I assume i should be using the International Listings Tool instead.

have you found any way to re-link broken links?

thanks again!


If no listing exists, then you do have to create it. No way around that one, at least that I’m aware of.
But just to re-link your current ones, run the tool and it will create the link again.
And the same applies once you have created them, run the tool again.
It certainly won’t do any harm to do so and it should re-link everything.


awesome! thanks. The request is processed so i guess everything will be linked in 4 hours!


Thank you this post is very useful. I too think that the links are broken and have tried to fix them

Specifically I wanted to be able to manually set all my prices in the target market places (as fees are soo different!)

But am I right in thinking that by doing this I broke the links and the products are no longer PAN-EU? meaning I no longer get the local fulfilment fees etc. which is the whole point of PAN -EU.

Any help is much appreciated :wink: I am at my wits end


Yes Selling_Cycle. the link is broken and you need to update every single price in every single marketplace by hand. This is almost impossible if you have lots of products listed.

I suggest doing what Neil said. Write “Build international Listings” in help. you ll get the result with the Build International Listings Tool. from there, you will be able to create a link. Tell amazon which marketplace is your primary marketplace (the one that actually sets the pricing and the others follow it).

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