EFN how to setup


Hi, I would like to ask the EU fullfilment network, because I want to expand my sales potential to other markets in Europe with the fact that I will send goods directly from the UK. is there something I should be careful about? or do I just set up listing in a language on other markets and sell? Just switch the market in seller central and set it up? I do not want to register for the PAN european program.

Where i can start and setup it. I want to setup listing first on german marketplace. I didnt find any video about setting up step by step.

Thank you very much for your response.


You just need to link the account to the EU sites.
Go to Inventory/sell globally Expand offers internationally or use the build International listings tool on the same page.


Alternatively, you can manually setup your items on each EU site individually.


Thank you !! :slight_smile: