Errors on stock levels when sent to warehouse


I have recently sent stock to amazon warehouse. It is all received but has been put onto the system incorrectly. How do I resolve this issue?


Get used to it.You need to wait until the shipment reconcile date around 3 weeks after receiving.


It can take anything from a few days to weeks for Amazon to correctly process all shipped units into your inventory and make them available for sale.

You need to allow more time and then if the issue still doesn’t get fixed, there will be an option to request an investigation into the matter.


We sent a large shipment to Italy. They messed up by checking-in units under duplicate listings for the same ASIN and almost 3 months later, we are still waiting for someone with some ability to assist to call us back.

Not sure what to do. We are afraid to open another case since you can only have one case per issue. Don’t know how to move forward.