Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) reports for France and Germany are now available


We have now launched Amazon EPR reports for Germany and France. You can download these reports, and prepare your filings to pay EPR fees for two EPR categories in Germany and seven EPR categories in France.

Amazon EPR reports provide detailed information on sales of products subject to EPR regulations. Amazon EPR reports currently cover packaging and EEE for Germany, and packaging, EEE, batteries, furniture, tyres, print paper, and textile categories for France. To access the reports, go to EPR reports.

Important - Amazon EPR Reports are available for your convenience and reference. By downloading the reports, you bear full responsibility to determine the applicability and accuracy of the information generated by Amazon, including all calculation, catalogue data, invoicing, EPR reporting and any other EPR-related obligations.

For more information, go to Amazon EPR report FAQ.


Are the fees for this collected by Amazon or by the governments of each country directly? How can I see a schedule of fees?


I have just checked this report, and it looks like I have to pay for Amazon packaging as well
Could someone explain how the calculations works?
Can we make adjustments to our product somewhere?


Example from my report:
All product packed in the same box (we sell bookshelves with qty variations). It should be the same difference in columns with and without package. But the difference is between 100 and 300gr.
My packaging 9 kg and all Packaging 19 kg - it looks like we have to pay for Amazon packaging as well.


Please accept my stupidity, but we we actually need to do anything? or is it just another ‘cost’ of doing Amazon business in EU?


I am in France and being obliged to register with an independent company, CITEO in this case for packaging, though there may have been 3 choices - however it is proving hard going to get them to confirm my application to register so far


Isn’t there something a bit odd going on here as presumably the manufacturers of packaging stuff will be required to stump up for what they produce and then the poor ‘user’ gets to stump up too - a bit like VAT I suppose…


We need to take action. You need EPR registration in FR and DE. This will grant you a registration number in each country. You then need to file reports with each country and pay the relevant fees.

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