FBA Inbound processing time- 14+ days


Amazon said its taking 14 plus days to process fba, anybody finding this an issue?


OH yes, got one shipment stuck now for almost 3 weeks.


i think i’m going to do multiple drops to different fulfilment centres hopefully some will be processed. Mine are at day 10


Depends on FC,most of mine are in receiving same day as delivery.


I have a delivery to BHX1 that was held with DPD for about 2 weeks. It has now been checked in but not receipted. It was despatched on the 17th October.


We have shipments going into all of the common FC’s every week and nothing is taking more than 48 hours to receive and be available to buy. Most things are clearing within 24 hours. Are you sending large cartons or shipments? Our cartons are no larger than 60 x 60 x 40cm but all contain multiple SKU’s. We have been very impressed with the speed of clearance of FC’s in the last few months.


They seem to be very higgled piggledy when receiving.
I’ve had some after the one I’ve been waiting for, that have been received and in stock the next day.
Think it’s to do with the way the process the larger shipments. ie the bulk stuff that is dropped off by DPD etc, rather than specific shipments.
ie. It all gets piled together and they process each box as it comes.
With my luck, they are on the bottom of the pile!


I agree. I think we also might be lucky cos they think small box, easier to clear the system :thinking:


I started shipping 1 SKU per box where possible (multiple quantity obviously). Or just a few SKU per Shipment / Box. It worked well up until now…

However, I have 3 shipments “Delivered” to BHX4 on 14th Oct - still not being “Receiving”.
Fingers crossed for some action shortly, as I have another 8 shipments inbound (being collected today) destined for BHX4!!

I did have a shipment to MAN4 - which took nearly 2 weeks to process.

Even still, quicker than sending pallets - which has a 2 week lead time to just get a booking time slot !! And then there are always queues at the delivery dock, so the HGV Driver usually only waits 30 minutes before pulling out… so then you have to go through the whole booking a new time slot (a further 2 weeks) again !!


A lot of problems have always been reported with BX4 over a long period of time. I don’t know what goes on there. All I can do is speak from our experience and we have found if we don’t exceed 60cm as the maximum box length, it seems to work incredibly quickly. I know these dimensions may not be suitable for a lot of people but for the goods we sell, we can get quite a lot of items per box. You would think deliveries would be processed in the date order they are received but I’m convinced it doesn’t happen that way. I think that if a delivery is easier to handle and process, it gets dealt with sooner. I have no proof, of course, I can only go by how quickly our shipments are processed.


I had massive problems with delays in shipments this time last year. Luckily this year it all seems to be going ok. Most shipments are with 1-3 days with some small and lights taking around a week. As it was so bad last year i planned ahead and ensured i sent it enough stock to cover it.

I assume it’s due to more stock being sent in my sellers for the Christmas period and has caused delays.

Definitely agree with the other poster - id send some to other centres where possible as it doesn’t seem to be effecting them all.


Mine are being checked in and added to stock really quickly, quicker than the previous few years.


Thankfully ours are taking 48-72 hours.


Please take note; we’re very close to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

They have sent emails and messages countless times that this will cause an increase in the time it takes to process your fulfilment requests, plan ahead in future and recognise factors/


No problems here but I only use Amazon UPS option


It is very hit and miss. I have one that has been sat in BHX4 since 10 Oct and has not been received yet and many others that are in and processed in a couple of days.


I thought they had really upped their game as every shipment was being received within a couple of days this year. Sent one a few weeks ago and it took 2 full weeks to receive.


I’ve had one shipment stuck for nearly 3 months now and another one thats been in FC transfer for just a bit longer than that. It really messes with cashflow!

Heads up, no point in chasing this with Seller Support. They either don’t understand the question or don’t have a sufficient answer. They will tell you they will be in stock in 3-5 days (but can be up to 30 days).

Even when you are approaching 90 days… Same answer.

Just wait. That is the only advice I can give.


Still no action on my 3 shipments “Delivered” by UPS on 12th December… time to open a case, but pointless as I know I will only get the usually blurbed reply from SS.

Maybe they will be “Received” by Black Friday lol… Obviously they are busy in the Fulfilment Centres, but thought they would have ramped up the staffing by now to cope with Inbound Demand !!

My dimensions and weights are within the permitted… although I ensure I get as many cartons as I can inside the outer shipping box as possible


in hindsight - yes, But I have new stock being received from suppliers all the time, so that’s not always possible !!