FBA order refunded, but not returned


I currently have 2 FBA orders which were refunded in December, but I cannot see if they have been returned. FBA Customer Returns report doesn’t show them.
Will Amazon automatically reverse the refunds after 45 days since initial refund or will I need to chase them to do it?


They should automatically reimburse you for the 2 orders.

If after 45 days you haven’t been reimbursed you can ask Amazon for a reimbursement. Only very occasionally does this happen, normally the reimbursement is automatic.


Thanks for quick reply!
Is there a good report where I can see what was reimbursed vs what was actually returned?

Seems like FBA returns only shows if the goods were returned, so at the moment I am doing a lot of manual work going through emails, tracking refund notifications and checking if those orders were truly returned.


You need to look at the reimbursement report and the FBA Customer returns report to find out what has been returned and what has been reimbursed.

There is no report which will tell you that order XXXX has been refunded but hasn’t been returned or reimbursed. You will need or your own way of doing this or use third party software.

I personally filter all the Amazon refund emails to another email folder and then check them periodically to make sure they have been returned or reimbursed.


ok, I will try that report as well. Sounds like I may be able to compare by order ID numbers :thinking:
Thanks again!