FBA ordered is not delivered, client leaves negative feedback and Amazon refuses to delete it



A client ordered on Amazon.de 3 different items, all being FBA.
Then, the client says they received only 2 out of 3, and leaves a bad feedback.
To anyone reading this, this can only mean that 1 item is missing.

I asked seller support to remove this feedback but they refused, saying that the client says they received a “wrong article”, although the cleint clearly wrote that 1 item is missing.

Then, support closed the case, with no possibility to re-open it. And all the other cases that I tried to open to appeal this unfair decision are being immediately closed.

Delivery to the client from FBA warehouses are Amazon responsibility as per FBA rules.
I feel cheated and it is infuriating that my shop’s image is dependent on the decision of some random outsourced guy who does not give a single care about his job and did not even read the client’s complaint.

Anyway, I wanted to know how I can appeal this.


Unfortunately, Seller Feedbacks for FBA orders have recently gotten very difficult to get removed as Amazon apparently made their internal criteria stricter.

Once you have the original case denied to the point that it can no longer be reopened, there are no additional options as you are not allowed to open new cases seeking a different outcome.

This would be in a violation of the Duplicate Cases Policy.

So I can only suggest you to respond with a polite comment showing all potential customers that you weren’t at fault or try to reach the customer and provide them these instructions to remove the rating:

Locate the specific order and then remove the feedback by clicking on the “Remove” button:



I had a similar issue a few days ago. I wrote an email to the MD and the feedback was removed within 48 hours.



Could you please provide the MD;s e-mail address ? I am having the same issue and it is so frustrating that they are even refusing to even listen to me.



Left feedback for FBA order:
Delivery today via Amazon/Hermes was an envelope which contained nothing. Amazon site options do not seem to offer contact process with Amazon for reporting incomplete packing/delivery issues. How can I get this properly delivered?

My account marked as “At risk”

What can I do, please?


What 's the MD’s email address? Thanks in advance.


Doug Gurr’s escalation team email is managingdirector@amazon.co.uk


Has anyone had any luck in getting NCX rating, caused by Amazons non delivery, resolved? Is emailing the MD the answer?