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where can I check the customer’s return reason on the FBA. The link in the email shows the statistics rather than the specific reason for this return.


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It may not show up yet though if its only just come through


Here : https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/reportcentral/CUSTOMER_RETURNS/0


If it doesn’t show in the FBA customer return report also look in voice of the customer. If the return reason is a negative reason they show in there along with any comments the customer has on the return.


sorry but i did not express myself exactly. Send by Amazon(FBA) no reason in email

If the return send by FBS, I have the reason in the email.

just have excellent
Report show 1 return but I have more email


The customer doesn’t have to provide a reason but if and when it comes back to fba warehouse it should appear on the fba reports section


You will have to wait until the item gets returned and you will see it on your FBA return report.

sometimes you have no further information some of mine just say no reason given.


Thank you for the answers, and how is the cost of returning items that the customer has viewed and returned without even opening the package? (no needed any more)


It depends on the category. For certain items a charge of 50% of the fulfilment fee is charged for Amazon to process the return.

You can see more at



is it possible to generate a financial report on the cost of return?


It’s also worth noting you get more details about the return on the download report than the ‘view online’ report.


“no longer needed” I forgot that the client doesn’t need to give any reason for the return, only you have to pay for it. Therefore I couldn’t find it anywhere. Any good advice to minimize returns?

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