FBA Returns


Hi all,

Occasionally, we get messages from our FBA customers asking us for a refund because something is faulty or didn’t get delivered or whatever.

We previously had a template response with the following link on that used to enable them to get to a chat to get things sorted:

www.amazon.co.uk /gp/help/customer/contact-us/

Now it seems that this just takes them to some hub, and certain customers can’t navigate their way around this.

I know that they should be able to go to their order page and initiate a return from there, but I also know from my own purchasing experience that this doesn’t always have the same set of options.

Is there a sure fire way you FBA guys use to direct them to where they need to be? It would be nice if Amazon ensured that these emails that we are not supposed to do anything about (refunds, etc.) didn’t even come through to us.

Ideally, there would still be a single link that I could use, seeing as I’m actually paying for someone else to deal with this.



To be honest, any queries I get from customers, I simply tell them to contact Amazon support and leave it at that.
I don’t see the need of directing them to a specific place.
As I’ve found, that if they can manage to find out how to contact you, they can find out how to contact support.

But a quick google, shows the below link to the contact page. I have a suspicion however, that it varies depending on device etc.

But you could just tell them to search google for “contact amazon support” and it will come up with the link.


We use the exact same link, and it now directs to a chatbot where the customers can try and explain the problem. If they use enough expletives, it probably eventually puts them through to a real person.


Yeah, that’s what it used to do.

Going to it now just takes you to a hub where you then have to choose from a load of options and then perform the equivalent of a choose your own adventure where you just end up falling to the bottom of a pit of vipers, over and over again.


It still does, but only on a PC apparently.
Same link on a phone gives the menu that you see, on a PC it’s a chatbot screen.

On a phone the chatbot option is at the bottom of the list “Chat on the Amazon App”