FBA shipment sent without Amazon labels - how long to return?


4 parcels sent without Amazon labels, does anyone know average turnaround?


Missing the FBA labels, on the outer box or FNSKU? Never experienced it but your courier will deliver & they might just sit there & nothing happens. What does the courier tracking say? Can you contact them to not deliver it?

If missing FNSKU they’ll go into stranded


When you say without Amazon labels, do you mean the box labels, or the FNSKU labels?


The new girl forgot both, UPS won’t return


Likely it’ll just sit there… I mean it is seller’s fault but if you can prove you’ve shipped them you may be able to claim since they do have the stock… Not sure on how they’d classify the stock since it’s missing its FBA label on the outside

I’ve never been in the situ. so hard to say, may be a waiting game. Have you tried your luck asking SS what they’d expect to happen?


UPS gave heart and attached them, that was a lesson learnt!


Lesson learnt, indeed!

I am glad to see you were able to fix it :slight_smile:


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