Free returns of Fashion items for seller fulfilled orders


Effective August 9, 2021, all seller fulfilled offers on Fashion items will feature a free return message, and sellers will no longer be able to deduct the return shipping fee for Fashion items listed under Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry and Watches in the UK.

To learn more about this update, go to, Free returns of Fashion items for seller fulfilled orders here.

Clothing and Footwear

“Start the discussion” - Well, I will do it

Can anyone from Amazon join the discussion and simply tell us that FBM sellers are no longer welcome? It will save you a lot of time in thinking how to get rid of us. I am also interested to know why Fashion category? Is it because the profit from sales is so miserable, so you want to make it even harder for those who sell in this category?

Thanks… but no thanks


This really pees me off. Buy a piece of jewellery for an evening out return it as “change of mind”. Amazon ignores the fact it stinks of cigarettes and really cheap perfume, “oh but it’s a change of mind” so nothing the poor long-suffering seller can do about it, and I have to stump up the flipping return cost.

This policy stinks (pun intended)


What I am talking about - Of course I have to say Thank You! to Amazon for increasing my sales nearly double to 59 units for the last 30 days. This will make me richer with about £60… Oh, hold on a second… Not really as I have an Amazon scammer who opened an A-Z claim to get her money back for a £28 order when tracking shows Delivered and if my math skills are correct - I will have just enough to pay my subscription fees.

Isn’t it amazing, Amazon? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… but seriously… no thank you.


Would be interested to know how this is classed as a ‘discussion’.

Amazon force us into it, end of discussion. Amazon (unlike other platforms) do not need marketplace sellers so they can dictate far more than others.

Margins are already impacted by returns which are understandably high in this category now we need to ‘absorb’ even more costs.

Amazon already doing their bit for the environment…why return to the seller who can resell it when returnless refunds now mean more stuff will go straight in the bin and sent to landfill.

Great to see that sellers will ‘benefit’ from Amazon’s fantastic rate compared to Royal Mail’s 96p cost which 75% of our products fall into.

There are a number of options available for sellers like us,

  • We offer free postage for everything currently so we will be adding postage for items (as I understand it this is not refundable for items returned after 14 days, so we can recoup some of the extra charges here).

  • We will be deleting certain products from sale on Amazon and they will now only be available through our website and other marketplaces.

  • We will be increasing the prices of some categories of products to cover the increases, so for our most popular items customers will see a price of £1.50-£2.00 more compared to other marketplaces.

Like most fashion sellers will understand, Amazon seem to just discount the fact that utter garbage frequently gets returned to us - worn products, wrong products, garments ripped and torn, covered in fake tan and deodorant, stinking of smoke and perfume, which usually have to be thrown straight in the bin. This happens daily.

Thanks Amazon. The pleasure, as always, is all yours .


I am also interested to know why Fashion category?

It begins with the fashion category. How long before every category is free seller paid returns at Amazon prices?


Policy just gets better!

What happens if the return is lost or damaged in transit?

The seller will be responsible for filing a claim directly with the carrier if a return is lost or damaged in transit. If this happens, process a full refund to the customer and file a claim directly with the carrier to receive a reimbursement.

How does that work then?


It’s less understandable when a couple of times a month a return happens because the Amazon buyer interface glitches out and a buyer thinking they’re ordering their size has had the size default to the smallest on the page.


What I want to know is, who on earth gave this policy the thumbs up, clearly someone who does not sell in this category :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


It’s less understandable when a couple of times a month a return happens because the Amazon buyer interface glitches out and a buyer thinking they’re ordering their size has had the size default to the smallest on the page

We get at least a few a week where customers have ordered the same thing twice, then return one. But don’t worry the increased cost of return is on us.

In terms of trying to catch up with other platforms on fashion this is a backwards step for Amazon from our point of view. This will just drive our sales and products to other platforms. Customers will buy from where it is cheapest and available, and that won’t be Amazon for a lot of our products.

Absolutely love selling on Amazon…


We will simply remove any items affected and sell them elsewhere.
Open season for buyers who abuse the system, buy it, wear it, return it, for free!
Free fashion for the weekends. Don’t have to buy it any more!
Funny other big fashion retailers are starting to clamp down this abuse.
As other contributors say Amazon don’t do discussion


For anyone who sells in this category, I am sorry for the added “selling on amazon” stress you will no doubt face with this new policy.


Is there any point complaining about it? Amazon are not going to listen to sellers, they’ll do what they want whenever they want.

We need a seller’s union to make them listen to us.


We will continue with our in-house Seller Policy and refrain from listing any clothing on Amazon. Works for us :slight_smile:


It would be nice for Amazon to reduce the referral fee for sellers in this case so that we are not totally adversely affected, or it may lead to increased pricing on amazon sadly.

I doubt it will happen.

But its wrong to penalise sellers for buyers not always reading the adverts.

I recently audited our returns and comments

We had a set of oversized sunglasses, with model pictures on the profile, exact mm measurements returned as “Too big”

We had a set of childrens sunglasses, where the title is Childrens sunglasses for ages 3 to 10 years of age, returned with pictures of kids under 10 on the item, exact measurements.

Return reason “I thought they were for teenagers”

It kind of concerns me that we will be penalised for people not reading descriptions or looking at pictures. Sadly, the only way to deal with it will be to make prices higher so people who do read the description pay more

We have tried everything, Triple AAA pictures, videos of the right childs age, exact mm measurements, ages in titles and in the description and bullet points

But sadly sometimes people do not read or look at these


This wonderfully comes on the back of Amazon proudly letting customers now that they can order several things in the fashion category and return what they don’t want.


What is a “fashion item”? You mention the category apparel, I see some of our fancy dress items are in that category but I wouldn’t call them “fashion items”, are they included, Amazon? Can you discuss this with us?


Hi MB,
Here is the fashion category, keywords fancy dress - anything look familiar?


I’ve been messaging seller support (wasting my time) with similar sort of thing…

Most danglers / keyrings (the toy/blind bag type of thing) or clip on plushie toys, are showing in Amazon Fashion .

After multiple back and forths they say " the attribute GL for the ASINs is “gl_apparel” and it is the reason that it is showing under the fashion.
If you do not want the ASINs to display under fashion, Then we request you to update the GL of the ASINs so that it can be displayed under appropriate category. "
Problem is you can’t change them. On some I set the listings up and Amazon automatically move them to Fashion and Amazon refuse to move them back out again.

Looks like another trench of items will be moving away from Amazon next month


Do Amazon realise how drab and uninspiring this “Fashion” presentation is? Absolutely awful.
If I were writing a school report, this would be a definite candidate for could do better!