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Our free, weekly webinars give you the tools and insights to help grow your business on Amazon. Find out how to optimise your self-service advertising campaigns to reach your goals and help increase sales. Learn tips for selling and protecting your brand, pan-European programme and how to scale deals across the EU.

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Start selling online: Top tips from our e-commerce experts and a successful seller!

28 September 2021 11:00-12:00 BST

Does selling online seem daunting? Our special guest, Michelle Ovens, CBE of Small Business Britain, will give you her top tips for selling online, and you'll also learn from the Coconut Merchant, a successful seller, about their experiences with getting started on Amazon’s stores.


Five ways to maximise your Global Selling account success

30 September 2021| 11:00-12:00 BST

If you’ve just started selling in a new Amazon store but aren’t yet seeing the sales you wanted, tune in! We’ll share top tips on how to maximise the tools that are available to you from experts.


Help grow your unique brand with Amazon Launchpad Europe

30 September 2021| 17:00-18:00 BST

This webinar is for innovative brand owners, start-up owners, entrepreneurs, in other words, anyone who is selling "cool" products on Amazon EU. If this describes you, and you want to discover new ways to grow your business on Amazon EU, join this webinar to learn about Amazon Launchpad.


Amazon Advertising webinars with live Q&As

Measure success: Understand your campaign performance during tentpole days (and every day)

(Level: Advanced)

28 September 2021 10:30 BST

We’ll guide you through the metrics and reports that help you understand how your campaigns performed against your goals, so you can set future strategies to meet and exceed them.


Tips for optimising and expanding your targeting strategy

(Level: Intermediate)

29 September 2021, 14:00 BST

Go beyond the basics of targeting. Here, you'll learn how to analyse and improve your targeting strategy to meet your objectives. This webinar will focus on manual campaigns.


Introduction to campaign targeting methods

(Level: Beginner)

30 September 2021, 10:30 BST

In this webinar, we'll explore different targeting methods – automatic, keyword and product, and show you how and when to use them to help maximise campaign performance.