Grade, Resell and Liquidation keeps auto re-enabling!



I do not want Amazon to resell or liquidate my stock. I’ve turned off ‘Grade and Resell’ and ‘Liquidations’ off at least five times now over past few months, and yet every time I check back, it has automatically re-enabled itself.

Is anyone else experiencing this, have you managed to keep it disabled, and if so how?

Thank you


The liquidation setting keeps being enabled each month and the funny thing is they automatically initiated a liquidation order and their policies state liquidation orders cannot be cancelled. We lost over £1000 on that order and they apologised for it being enabled automatically


So if they apologized, did they reimburse you?

Have you noted a particular date within the month that it automatically re-enables itself?

How do you check to see liquidation orders please?

I’m surprised with lack of replies here. Surely no one wants their stock liquidated against their wishes??


They didn’t reimburse, their managing directors team denied all responsibility and said that once liquidation orders are created - they can never be stopped, even if they are created automatically due to this re-enabling “glitch”

I haven’t noticed a certain date

If you go on Reports > Fulfilment by Amazon > Removal Order Detail and you’ll see Order Type (Return, Grade & Resells or Liquidations) you can see if any state “liquidation”

Other sellers will probably not even notice their stock is being liquidated for literal pennies of the value


It’s re-ticked itself, definitely unusual


Hi, we are also in the same situation, for the loss you have contacted Amazon for compensation, this behavior is unacceptable, and I don’t see any notice about the automatic start of Liquidations orders every month. we intend to intervene in legal proceedings


I actually opened my own thread about this, have only just seen this one.

Has anyone had any luck claiming back off Amazon?

£700 product liquidated for £70. Absolutely ridiculous. Maybe a lot of people haven’t noticed yet?

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