HELP newbie help with listing


I am a newbie so bare with me. I’ve sourced a product from China and got the sample and was happy to go ahead with making an order. Checked today and the product has been listed by a wholesaler from China. Can i go ahead and list my product which will be the same but a different size?


On the same listing ? No definitely not

You’ll need your own EANs and create a new listing
If you don’t have a trademark, you’ll need to list them as ‘generic’ as the brand

As an importer, make sure you investigate if / what safety checks and test certificates the products require and make sure you inform your insurance company you are importing PL products from china to sell on uk marketplaces


Hey @Paws_Maws,

I cannot agree more with @The_Little_Shop, also another piece of advice for new sellers here is that you should check out Seller University and, to really really pay attention to what @The_Little_Shop says.

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