Help setting up, been deactivated


Right long story tried to make short. Basically I’ve set up a new amazon seller account,email and have registered a new business. This company is called JLIT TRADING LTD. This seemed to be up and running ok I just needed to find some products ready to sell. so I found a couple of products and went on amazon seller central and my account was deactivated. The reason was that I already had a company called sazzjazzy. I didn’t remember this so panicked as thought that I’d been hacked or something set up in my name without me knowing etc. after looking into it a bit and trying to remember, it came back to me. I set up sazzjazzy well I went to set it up but at the time I didn’t have a business set up or the appropriate paperwork to hand so I stopped the sign up process. I didn’t carry it on so I assumed that this account wasn’t set up but it was. I’ve now been deactivated from both accounts. sazzjazzy account says it does not have enough info to reactivate this account wont tell me what I need. i have been told that i need to activate this account in order to close it and therefore be able to use JLIT TRADING. i have done a video call verification but got an email back saying " we regret to inform you that we were unable to verify your identity and the documents you provided during the video call verification. your account will be deactivated and you will not be eligible to sell on amazon" I cant see anywhere to set up another video call and the “call me now” option doesn’t allow me to receive a call it just says internal failure. i can only try the phone option from my jlit trading account it doesn’t even have a option to call from sazzjazzy account. every time i send an email it just replies saying that the case is closed because my account is deactivated. i know its my fault and got myself in a mess but its an honest mistake and really feel like not getting any help from amazon at all. just going round in circles with it all getting the same generic answers from amazon and not actually answering my pleas for help. basically i need to reactivate a account which as far as i know was never fully active in order to close it down so mi can use my new seller account. I’m at my wits end any help would be massively appreciated.


You need to reactivate the first account

If you can’t, you won’t be able to sell on Amazon


So much going on here.

This is a big issue.

  1. You can’t request another video
  2. You can’t use a different account to get the 1st reinstated
  3. Yes they will auto-close cases

Sadly this is what happens most times.

So … You have to figure out why you didn’t pass verification

  1. Did your ID match EXACTLY with Seller Central?
  2. Did you Utility match EXACTLY with Seller Central?


that’s what I’m trying to do- reactivate my first account but i don’t know how as I’ve done everything asked. I’m convinced it wasn’t set up properly in the first place as i stopped halfway through.
when you say i wont be able to sell on amazon do you mean forever ? i cant delete this original account. it was an completely honest mistake i never knew the first account was setup.


i know I’ve got myself in a right mess. when you say does my id match exactly ? do you mean name and address if so then yes it matches but when i originally set up the sazzjazzy one i didn’t enter any of these at least i don’t remember it. definitely didn’t enter business details as didn’t have a business. so if they don’t have anything to compare to it wont match? but this is the problem they are not answering back as to what info is needed.


Go to the first account and check settings - account info - identity information
Whats there ?


Actually … both of these must match exactly with what you present Amazon.


ETA - That means same spelling and abbrev.'s (if any)


the second one jlit trading was all fine till about 2 weeks after opening. failing all this could i set it all up in my wife’s name? so use same business name etc but just have amazon set up in a different name ?


nothing is there just primary contact- my name and my email address


No, they’ve already been linked

You need to sort the first account


And your address ?


no just my name and email


You need to add your address if you can so they can verify it


sorry i did not see the expand button. my address is on there and saved


Any option to upload utility bill etc ?
Check Performance notifications


no option to upload these


so i cant see anywhere that will let me upload utility bill etc so went onto reactivate account where i could add new proof etc. have just sent away a pic of my driving licence as during the time of opening i may of had my old licence with old address on so just sent my new one over. would this make a difference? also is there any way to see what bill etc ive uploaded? i keep asking amazon but they dont tell me


Yes it would make a difference
You must show ID that has the matching name and address


ok, i would of set up the jlit trading one with the same id and that was ok for 2 weeks or so. so a bit weird. it says the usual 1-2 day’s to reply so will again wait and see what the say. thanks for your help i may well need some more


i just checked on the 2nd account and have the details and business details on there and a green highlighted box saying all info is ok basically. so assume this side is ok. just the original sazzjazzy account needs sorting. hopefully the driving licence is the problem