Help to get verified!


I want to get verified to sell in the UK as an individual. I provided all the relevant documents and now im being asked for an identity verification call. As many here have said, i have no option to select that when i log into the US seller central. Funnily enough i was approved for the US, but not UK.
Any ideas how i can move forward? I dont have a VAT number as i thought that was only if you are expecting sales over a certain amount per year.


Where do you live ?
If its not in uk, you cannot register as an individual and if you intend to store stock here you may need to register for vat as a NETP


The fact that you are able to post on here, means that you have some access to seller central in the UK.
So when you sign into that, there will probably be a notification etc.

As regards VAT, that depends on your location. If you are a UK resident, then the threshold will apply.



Out of curiosity (and to clear off the ambiguity given by this marketplace), what do you mean by “Individual”? The account type or the selling plan? Despite being named in the same way, they are two very different things (the former when you’re registering as a private, and not a business, selling off your old, used products, the latter when you want to sell without paying their monthly fee, £30, and you pay fees only and if you sell something)


Thanks for your fast replies all!

I am based in the UK and don’t intend to be selling higher than the VAT threshold per year.

My account info says ‘Selling on Amazon - Individual’ . Does that only allow you to sell used items? I wanted to start of selling new items without the monthly fee, to see how it goes before deciding further.

Let me know what you think and if you need any more info


Selling on amazon individual is the selling plan - no monthly fees

To sell items as new, you need to register with hmrc and amazon as a business and upload business ID

Are you a sole trader or ltd company ?


Ok that makes it clearer! I am just starting out so need to have a look into which way to go but glad i know now that i need to be registered.
So I need to register as a sole trader or ltd and then register for VAT right? Then i can upload those documents and hopefully get approved
Appreciate the help!!


I would imagine sole trader initially


You don’t need to register for vat yet if uk based under the threshold
Have you spoken with an accountant ?


No not yet. The issue i foresee is that my account shows as de-activated and i have no idea how to request for it to change now? Every time i write something to Amazon they reply with the same message to arrange an identity call, and when i go to that link there is no option for it :frowning:


I dont see anywhere where you can state you dont need a VAT number as yet?


Are amazon requesting one ?

Edit, by any chance are you watching YT videos on vat exemption ?


No not requesting one and not watching any videos. I guess once i have the business registration, i will try to upload it and see where i get to!

Thanks for the help! I might be back!


Out of interest, if im a sole trader then how would i prove this to Amazon and get them to approve my account?


HMRC allocate you a Unique Taxpayer Reference number - UTR
Then send you a letter with it on which you upload on amazon


Thanks so much! I have requested a UTR with HMRC now, so will wait for that and then try that way.


All newly registered accounts are deactivated whilst they check and verify the info you have given them.
The very first thing you need to do is register with HMRC as self-employed sole-trader, receive your UTR and then you can get a Business Seller account verified.
Ltd is not necessary or advisable when just starting out.


Thank you!


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Hi all,
Just managed to do my verification call finally!! How long should i expect to wait for verification based on your experience/hearing about other people’s recent experience?