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Can anybody help with me because I’m at a loss :see_no_evil: Amazon deactivated me, accusing me of selling counterfeit goods … I supplied them with relevant invoices and approval from the brand. I have not yet provided a POA because they said if you believe it was deactivated in error send invoices etc. Now i need a POA, how could i have a plan when it is their mistake? or am i missing something?


Just bumping this up to see if anyone can help


If you search through the forum there are loads of Plans and suggestions posted for this type of suspension - Adrian especially has provided lots of ideas.


Amazon expect a Plan of action to show these 3 steps.

1 The root cause(s) of the issue.
2 The actions you have taken to resolve the issue immediately.
3 The steps you have taken to prevent the issue immediately going forward

When you have completed your POA please post it here, along with the original suspension notice.
The forum can then ensure it addresses all the issues and actions required that are needed to reactivate your account.


Ok, I have this written up. I feel like technically I havent actually done a thing wrong, therefore it’s hard to know what to write. Their original message is in the screenshot.53

The root cause(s) of the issue.
I did not provide an authorisation letter for the product and some of the invoices were beyond the 90 days

The actions you have taken to resolve the issue immediately.
I have supplied the relevant invoices and a letter of authorisation from the brand owner, including all contact details for the brand owner. The products that have invoices that are out of the 90 day time limit have been removed.

The steps you have taken to prevent the issue immediately going forward
To always supply invoices that are issued in the last 90 days


I appreciate everyone’s help, thank you


Unfortunately your POA doesn’t actually address the reason for your suspension, it just addresses the mechanics of you responding to Amazon with invoices.

Your root cause needs to be determined. What caused Amazon to suspect inauthentic or infringing? You need to go through your account forensically to try and determine what’s at the bottom of this. Look at feedback, at reviews, at A-Z claims, at all buyer communications, at voice of the customer.

A possible cause, as an example, could be poor packaging that caused your item to arrive in less than pristine condition which in turn led to your customer thinking it was inauthentic. Are your packaging and items exactly as in the images in the listings? Are the descriptions in the listings totally accurate?

Once you’ve established your root causes your other 2 sections will flow from that.


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But re your POA.
The root cause is not as simple as the fact that you did not provide Amazon the LoA from the Brand owner, that letter is simply part of the evidence that you provide later.
The root cause of your suspension is the “why” behind the suspicion of in-authenticity and possible IP infringement.
You will need to thoroughly check your feedback, customer messages, amazon notifications etc and find why Amazon were alerted to this brand in your account.
Did the RO file a complaint with Amazon?, did a customer receive a previous return by mistake [from either FBA or from yourself through FBM or SFP], did an order arrive damaged, or dirty?

Find the reason and then identify the root cause behind that.
So if a customer complained that they received a damaged package and therefore thought the goods may not be authentic because it had been resealed then the root cause might be
insufficient packaging either with the product itself, or insufficient packaging for transit.

Only when you identify the root cause can you write the rest of your poa.
The next section will be
“Immediate steps taken” to address the root cause.
Those steps will directly relate to what you identify above.but may include better packaging, or if FBA is involved and could have been sending out previous customer returns, then you would need to apply a seal to your goods, which if broken meant they were not resellable.

You will provide your invoices and the LoA as part of your appeal no matter what but
IP infringement is only an issue if the RO complained, and is addressed by sending in your invoices and the LoA.
But as you have a letter of authorization then I can’t see that this is likely.

You will need more in your POA than a simple
“I supplied the invoices…” that you have sent at the moment, so please feel free to draft a new POA when you have gone through your account and post it here for advice prior to submission to Amazon.


I haven’t had one complaint so I’m not sure why they were flagged :woman_shrugging:t3: In fact I hadn’t even sold any of them - I only uploaded these 3 products the day before. It’s 1 product with 12 different colour variations, but only 3 were flagged.

One person reported me for a different product a few weeks before, I couldn’t find the invoice so deleted it. I didn’t sell that product either - it was intellectual property rights. But it’s a completely different brand to this one


Then in this case it is Amazon conducting new seller checks, which they do from time to time, to verify that you are in fact selling authentic goods.
The complaint from a few weeks ago, combined with the upload of new items may have triggered this inspection by Amazon.
As you have not yet sold any of these items then the complaint, if there was one, can only have come from the RO or possibly a rival.
Did you join another sellers listings or make your own?


Some of the shades were recognised by barcode and others I had to make new ones for …I can’t mind now which ones were which

If that is the case, Which it probably is, how do I go about the POA?

Thank you for all your help :blush:


So it’s possible that you joined another sellers listings and he thought that you were infringing on his rights and selling inauthentic goods.
Does that mean that you listed against someone elses brand thinking that because your goods were otherwise identical the fact of their brand name did not matter?


It’s not my brand, it’s another brand and I have their authority to sell it. :thinking: …or I am being really blonde here lol :joy:


That’s not what Adrian means. Amazon is a bit of a strange beast in that there can be a brand but when it was 1st created as a listing on Amazon it may have had another seller’s brand showing (rightly or wrongly). It’s therefore possible that where you joined another listing the brand name is different to yours and that seller could have reported you.

Another possibility is that where you’ve added to an existing listing that even though your item is the same in all respects that the other seller has either assumed your item is inauthentic and reported it, or they think that they have sole rights to sell it on Amazon.

These are just possibilities based on what has happened to sellers in the past. It can be really hard to find the exact cause but best of luck!


Thanks everyone! That probably is the case, what do amazon want to hear in their plan of action in that case?


They want to know why you listed against a brand (if that’s what your are saying) that is not the same as the item you are selling. You need to go through your listings though to make sure that this is actually what did happen. If it did you need to go into detail re why it happened. This may be bcause you were a new seller and diddn’t understand how Amazon works. Didn’t read Amazon’s pages on how to list correctly. Just looked at the image of the item you wanted to list without checking that it was also the same in every detail etc.

Once you have your root cause nailed you then need a 2nd section where your state what your immediate actions were. So things like gone through all listings to ensure fully correct and deleteing permanently any that are not. If FBA creating a removal order (give the reference/case number)

Your third section is then what you are doing going forward to ensure it doesn’t happen again. What checks have you put in place? What Amazon policies have your read? Give links. How will you keep abreast of new policies to remain compliant. Source items from authorised suppliers.

The steps I’ve suggested are just starting points, you need to look at your account as a whole and go into detail, but keep your language simple and easy to understand as the person who reads it may not have English as their 1st language.

Just to also add - if you are saying that your root cause is listing against a different brand (and I’m not sure if that is what you are saying) then the invoices for the affected brand that you have will obviously not be accepted. You may then find that the only way to get the suspension lifted is to delete your whole inventory. You would then supply legitimate invoices for the items that you would then wish to sell if/when you get your account up and running again.


Ok I spoke to seller support and it seems the problem is because I did not have permission to sell the brand. I have now provided them with a letter of authorisation from the brand owner. Is this POA ok?

The root cause(s) of the issue:
I uploaded a product without consent of the brand owner, which was a contradiction of intellectual property rights. This happened because I am a new seller and not as familiar with the regulations as I should be

The actions you have taken to resolve the issue immediately.
For the 3 ASINs in question I provided invoices and letter of authorisation from the brand. I have also provided contact deals for brand owner

The steps you have taken to prevent the issue immediately going forward
I have familiarised myself with Amazon’s regulations on Amazon Anti-Counterfeiting Policy, Intellectual Property Violations and Policies and Agreements to ensure this won’t happen again. I will not post products with permission from the brand owner going forward.


Hello @Doll_Face_House_of_M,

After reviewing the Plan of action provided I would like to make few more changes with the Plan of action.

Mention the name of the brand and also the ASIN’s which were listed without the authorization.

In the root cause you have mentioned that you do not have the authorization to list the products because of which you have received complaints. But as a part of corrective steps you have mentioned that you have provided the authorization letter from the brand owner. Which is contradiction with the root cause being provided in the plan of action.

In case you have received documents after receiving the complaints, please mention the same details that about what process you have followed to procure the documents and if you do not have the documents provide the steps which you would take immediately to resolve the issue.

Add few more details about how would you initially verify if the product needs authorization and how would you proceed with procuring the authorization letter.

In case you have already received any kind of authorization for selling any products provide those documents a part of your future inventory.

Provide the Plan of action by including the above mentioned details so that the team can review and help you with the account.