How about bulk order fulfilment to business customers through Amazon FBA network?


Hello fellow Amazon sellers,

Does anyone know is it possible to fulfil and ship bulk orders to business customers outside Amazon network (in general, across Europe), if we are currently storing our goods in Amazon warehouse?
The need is to have an option to pack goods in packages with 50, 100, 500, and 1000+ units and send them to business customers around Europe. It’s like, we are manufacturers and we ship large quantities from our warehouse to resellers/wholesalers and retailers.

So far I have only seen amazon MCF option, but the shipping price is multiplied by the number of units which is nonsense for bulk order shipping.

Any experience on this?
Thank you in advance! And stay sharp & focused. :slight_smile:

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No it is not possible,FBA fees are per item.You would need separate listings for each quantity & ship into FBA in that quantity.


Ok, good to know. I was hoping that Amazon provides that, since they serve business customers too. Hopefully they will somehow integrate such bulk-shipping option as well…?

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