How do I create a Storefront link?


Hello, I am selling books on Amazon and if a customer clicks my ‘Sellers Information’, there is no ‘Storefront’ link to show customers what other books I am selling. How do I get a ‘Storefront’ link for my Amazon Sellers account?

Seller home page where is it

As books are not eligible for Brand Registry the only way now is to have a pro account so the products header will show on your seller profile page and display all your books.


So basically pay £25 per month to restore the link that was previously free. Thank you for your reply.


So this is starting to happen on Amazon-UK too (not just in France & USA)?

Bookrests1, are you a UK seller and talking of your UK page?


I’ve just received this reply from Amazon-FR:
"The rule is applied for all marketplaces and the absence of a bookmarked page showing products for Individual Selling plan is for all marketplaces. "

But at the moment I can still see my Products pages on Amaz-UK - is this only a matter of time then, and it will be gone here too?


Who knows…

I can only tell you, in my specific case (Italian seller with same selling plan as yours), that my “storefront”'s Products header on the IT marketplace is still there, luckily.

Congrats for your wise decisions, AMZ: thanks to you, our chances of getting repeat customers through browsing our seller profiles’ inventories will be lower and lower. Thank you so much! :unamused:


Previously I believed this change did not affect me. Now I am worried. I am a small non pro bookseller. I was regularly selling 2-3 books per week. In the last 4 weeks ( I believe the change was made about 4 weeks ago) I have sold just 1 book. It may be just a coincidence but…


You’re right to worry, a regular buyer without being able to see your storefront has no way of seeing what other products you (as a preferred seller) have for sale. It is a valid concern.
Without a storefront you become practically invisible and buyers will only come across your products by chance. Amazon know this and it is a calculated move on their part. Their intentions are clear.


Inspector_West What do you mean: your storefront page (Products tab & pages) on Amaz-UK is already GONE?

(Mine is gone on .com (USA) and France, but NOT on -UK).


I’ve just checked again. You are right. There is a link called “products” which takes me to all the books I am selling. This only appears on my computer. I cannot find it on my mobile phone.


I notice that when using a mobile phone there does not appear to be a “products” page for any seller pro or non pro. When using a PC the “products” page appears.


As far as I know, the “products” tab has been missing from non-pro sellers for several days past. I checked the profiles of a few non-pro sellers just now and none had a products tab.

Even creating a direct link in this format no longer works:


The Amazon app on mobiles makes searching and checking profiles much harder than a full desktop browser.

Comments and seller images are hidden by default and are only found via a not-very-intuitive route.

The ‘See all xx formats and editions’ is completely absent and other editions appear only via what looks like random scrolling links at the bottom of the product page.

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