How does a European registered individual seller provide a power of attorney?

     Hello everyone! Ask the sellers a question about KYC review. I'm Asian, I registered an Amazon European account with my ID, and now Amazon needs me to provide a power of attorney (power of attorney to the primary contact). The whole process is as follows: The name on my ID is "Yubing  Wu". During the registration process, I filled in "Wu yubing" in the company name column. When I filled in the company contact information, I filled in my identity the address on the certificate, "Yubing Wu" I filled in when filling in the name of the main contact person, and finally during the verification process, Amazon required me to upload a "Wu yubing" authorization letter to "Yubing Wu".

    I'm an individual seller and I don't have a business, so I do n’t have a power of attorney for the business, so I uploaded photos of both sides of my ID, but it did n’t pass. Amazon sent me an email asking me to upload a new power of attorney.
   What can I do to get Amazon verified?


As a sole proprietor you will need to authorise yourself. Here’s the template (scroll down to the bottom) for the document Amazon are asking you to provide.



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