How to ask FBA remeasure product correctly?


Dear All:

For one of my items, I received 4 different measurements in two days. mainly the height is wrong, I know the height is around 2cm, but they insist the height is 6.5cm.
The FBA refuses to remeasure it since they have done it twice within 60 days.
So, do you guys have any better ideas to escalate the issue?



Hey @Slick_Linc,

Any updates on this? Have FBA remeasured it in the end?


@Winston_Amazon the new remeasuring request tool is a pain, you have to have sent an item into fba for it to be measured but then the tool asks you for the exact measurements which you dont have if you no longer have the item. Plus it asks for inches and pounds but shows the measurement as cm and kg which is horribly confusing. Then as above, the measurements hardly ever actually match the product so everything needs doing more than once


Hey @Winston_Amazon
Can you shine some light on this issue, please?


Just select that you do not have measurements in the previous step. It is really cumbersome.

I can’t use it anyway as despite having only had 4 remeasurement requests in 2023 the system tells me that I have used my allowance of 20 this month.

As we all know trying to explain something to Seller Support that the computer is wrong is almost impossible. I have already had dozens of replies in one case telling me I am over 20 this month.


I think it’s your packaging. You have to understand that when the goods are received its handled which causes the plastic outer packaging to shift around thus shifting the overall measurements.

The system that is used to measure probably uses a laser of some sort to measure any part of the packaging that is raised to the widest/highest point. So if the packaging is handled in such a way that causes the plastic to protrude, then this will be the end measurement.

To overcome this, you might want to consider repackaging your product or using vacuum packing to keep the outer packaging as close as the cable inside. Adhesive taping the outer wrapper to keep it tightly in place might be a quick fix to test if this works.


This is correct. The equipment has been designed for speed and not accuracy and is used by people who don’t care and don’t check whether the measurements are valid or make sense.

They simply put the item on a conveyor and the machine measures at high speed.

The laser measures to the extremes of the packaging. So if there is a clear polythene bag, this doesn’t matter, it measures to the edges. If the greetings card is bent or the flap is open slightly, it measures to the edge. If your item is in a pillow pack, it measures to the extremes of the edges.

You get what I mean, I hope.

I am fed up having to change the way I pack items to suit Amazon’s methods. I have to sellotape everything down purely for getting the correct measurements and not be stung for higher dimensional fees. These have already seriously damaged the FBA side of my business and it will take a while for old stock to sell through.


Thanks, I will make it tighter for future shipments.


No, they still not remeasure the wrongly measured item.


Hi Winston:


I asked the FBA team to do another measurement, and the result is still the same.
The height still shows 6.5cm, which is impossible.
Please can you help me with this issue?



Hi Winston:

I reported my issue since 12/March/2023, until today, the FBA team still provide me wrong information (they just copy the wrong measurements from previous emails and reply to me).
I still have more than 700 pcs of this product, it means I need to pay extra 300 GBP for the FBA fee, which makes me losing money on this item.
hope you can help.


I had an email this morning to say one of my best selling SKU’s has been removed from Small and Light. The height of the item has been changed from 0.2 cm to 13.89 cm. The fees changing from £1.03 to £3.15

The last 17 units that were in the FBA have all now been sent out at a loss. I know I will probably get reimbursed for this when it is remeasured but it is still annoying. Although based on previous experience they will base the reimbursement on standard fees rather than small and light fees.


I had exactly the same yesterday
Thank goodness for the new emails as I wouldn’t have known
I requested the remeasure yesterday morning, received an email with new (correct) measurements this morning, and back enrolled in s&l


thanks for commenting, that is very lucky of you. good to know they give you correct measurement


thanks for commenting, I got 700 more in stock, really cannot afford the loss.


Once you have got it remeasured correctly you should get a reimbursement for any items that have been sold at the wrong fee so hopefully any loss you have at the moment should sort itself out.

As for escalating this I am not sure what you can do, all you can do is keep pushing them to remeasure it correctly.

I do sympathise I have one SKU that I have asked to be remeasured twice and both times they get it wrong. Now they won’t remeasure it again because it has been remeasured twice.


The issue is finally sorted, thanks for all your supports.


Can you tell us how you were able to fix the fees or the correct measurement?
It would be appreciated!


Go to help , type the word remeasure and enter the fnsku


The_Little_Shop is right, contact seller central support, Fulfilment by Amazon, ask for remeasurement for your product, give them your ASIN, FNSKU, or SKU. cheers