How to create a report to track profits


Hi all,

I’m struggling trying to find/create a suitable report on a monthly basis so I can see for each sale what the deductions are from Amazon and so work out my profit margin.

Doing a search on here hasn’t bought up the info, hence this post.

The FBA shipment invoice doesn’t include any of the deductions made, just the selling price.

Please can anyone help?



You’d need to create your own spreadsheet


Shouldn’t you be doing that BEFORE you set the sale price? Amazon’s FBA and other fees are published on here, so you can put them into a spreadsheet with all your other costs etc and then set the price to get the profit you want



Thanks for the quick response. But where can I find all of the figures that AMZ has charged me?


Reports - payments - transaction view
The shipment invoice is literally just the cost of sending your goods to amazon
You need to look for
Referral fees
Fulfilment fees
Storage fees



I do have all the figures before I list, but if I’ve dropped the price a bit then I won’t have the current figures of deductions.

A nice simple monthly list of items sold with deductions like you can get on ebay would be great.



For an overview -
Reports - payments - date range reports - generate - change to summary and enter the dates
This gives you the total income and expenditure overall not per item but is useful for your accountant


But if you set the spreadsheet up with the Amazon fees as formulas for those that are percentage-based (rather than the actual amounts charged on your original sale price), then changing your sale price would automatically re-calculate the fees. Do you have any real experience of using spreadsheets? - that is precisely the sort of work they are ideal for


A lot of the payment reports help you with this especially the date range reports as they show you the net amount received after all fees have been taken. If you have signed up for the Amazon Vat Calculation service it also shows you the VAT paid as well.

You can also create your own set of spreadsheets. I have a number which I use to work out profit per item and estimated cash flow along with other things.


Hi, yes, I would love to be able to see all of the above next to the sold product!

Thank you


Might be good for my accountant but I would like to know each product and all the deductions from it.

Thanks for your help.


If you go to inventory - manage fba inventory, it has the referral and fulfilment price next to each item, don’t forget to add vat where necessary and obviously storage fees have to be applied over all stock over the month



Using the app to calculate fees I see when I change the price the FBA fee can change so not sure I could ever work out a calculation?




I am not VAT registered (yet) but will be looking to do so mid-2022.



Thanks very much, I will take a look later on.




Looking in FBA Inventory I can see an example like the following:
Estimated fee per unit sold

£28.05 Includes £5.10 FBA Fee
But it’s just an estimate, and based on the highest price I’ve put in, not the actual sales price.


Are you using automated pricing ?


No, not at the moment. I am not sure I will be until I get to say 100x items live.

Are you using a repricer?


No I just set the price I’m happy with just trying to work out what you meant by


Of course, it does, because part of it is a percentage of your selling price. Put your price up or down and the fee will go up or down. But the fees, both fixed and percentage ones, are all listed on the Help pages. You need to set up your own spreadsheet with those flat rates and percentages in different cells, all multiplied by 1.2 to cover the VAT, together with other cells for your purchase price, shipping cost etc. Another cell which totals all those cells up, to give you a total cost per product. A further cell where you enter your proposed selling price and yet another which deducts the total cost from your selling price, to give you your actual profit. If you wish, you can have a further cell which shows your profit margin (ie profit divided by costs as a percentage)

With such a spreadsheet, you then just need to change your existing selling price to a new one, and everything will be re-calculated for you. Frankly, if you can’t work out your selling costs and profits for yourself, you are going to find it very difficult to run your business

The type of report you are hoping to find is likely to lead to disaster: you are suggesting that you change the price of your product, sell it at that price for a month and then see what profit you have made. And what if you get your new price wrong? You could end up selling at a loss. That really isn’t the way to do it