How to stop an FBA run-around


FBA, having lost my first shipment of a unique new product I have invented (they sent it to Germany in error, but did compensate me for its loss), I opened my first relevant Case No. 7994440742 on 15th Sept. 2022:

I asked for someone to please make a ‘final’ check of my current situation with my product ‘SOS Coffee Pastilles’ so that everything was now 100% satisfactory to allow me to replace with confidence my lost product together with its new variant.

Since then, FBA appeared to start a diversion process over the next 7 weeks by raising, then closing, 9 further separate Case issues that were mostly irrelevant to, and never directly addressed my original request, before starting the latest Case no 8069528782, opened 15th Oct, which they have kept going for another 6 weeks with further, regular, repeated ‘synthetic’ apologies for the lengthy time it was taking to resolve the original issue – which was ‘complicated’ - with their internal team.

I have accused them of not having the guts to admit that, having ‘lost’ my original product, their system does not allow me to re-stock my original product with its existing labelling and with its new variant. They have not admitted any liability other than they were awaiting further (technical?) information!

My conclusion is that:

a). FBA cannot correct/ resolve the technical issues created by them having ‘lost/mislaid’ my original product - but are ‘unwilling’ to admit it!?

b). it is unacceptable that they ignore my several, specific requests to provide reasons for the on-going delays and to provide my route to their Complaints Process!?

c). rather, they have decided to give me the run-around, at least until my SOS Coffee pastilles product becomes time-expired (it has a BB date of end-June 2023!?

Does anyone have any constructive suggestions?


Have you tried escalating it to the Managing Directors team by emailing

I had a similar issue earlier in the year where they mistakenly sent a whole load of my products to Germany. Actually they were sitting in a UK warehouse and it was a system issue which caused it.

Going around in circles with seller support didn’t help me but the managing director team did sort it out.


I’m impressed by your helpful suggestion. Thanks Smiley_Guy.
Will do!


Just to make you aware it can take 2-3 working days to get a reply from them.