Incorrect delivery times advertising, bad effect on sales


This happened in the USA with significant backlash. I noticed today all our books are marked as delivery 12-14th May which is nonsense. In our SC account it says delivery must be made 4th to 7th May. This seems to have happened to all Marketplace sellers, not just us. It may say this on SFP listings as well. Not got that far yet…

Anyone seen the same issue?

Royal Mail no Saturday deliveries

USA thread here


I have also noticed this as my sales dropped dramatically. I am FBM seller and I usually dispatch the same day and get orders to customers next day. Now my delivery time is showing 7 - 11 May even though my delivery template did not changed.


We will need a lot of reponses to this if Amazon are going to take notice. Our sales have fallen off dramatically today as well. We are still at 92% on time delivery with the remaining 8% almost all 1 day late


I can’t believe that no one noticed yet just us two…or? are we missing something? I checked random products on Amazon and they all have the same delivery dates which are 7-11 May or 9-13 May. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Delivery dates extended

All ours are shoing 11 - 15th May (FBM) but our FBA stock is showing Saturday delivery.


Also I can confirm that delivery dates for customers are showing 7 -11 May but when they convert from pending to unshipped they are showing deliver by 2-5 May. :tired_face:


sometines i just wonder… what next!
There was major pushback on this in the USA


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there is a deadly worldwide pandemic that’s putting tremendous strain on Royal mail and other couriers…:roll_eyes::mask:


of course we heard…duh… It is just weird that Amazon showing customers that their order will arrive between 7-11 May but in my seller account I see deliver by 2-5 May… that’s all. Also,shouldn’t delivery length which is shown to customers be decided by the seller?


The majority of sellers on here have been begging Amazon to extend delivery estimates due to coronavirus.
Now it seems they are doing just that, and yet…


Seems odd, my delivery times haven’t changed on Amazon and the expected arrival date is still in line with what it usually is (arrives by Monday 4th)


we are highlighting the disconnect. No need to be patronise regarding virus awareness, Sellers are able to set longer delivery times and longer handling times. I believe this was the advice Amazon have been giving lately. If I were to take last weeks deliveries for instance i in the high 90s % on on time delivery. Adding two weeks just wrecks our sales, offering a false narrative on delivery time and unnecessarily conditioning anticipation of a negatve buying experiene (hurting both seller and Amazon)


i dont see any evidence of the begging, and you can change delivery times in your shipping templates. Perhaps you are referring to SFP ?


This is what I see on Amazon as a customer a%20delivery ,
and this is what delivery date I see when I despatch the order…


you are “lucky” Viv mine says i must deliver by 2-5 May but to customer sees 12-14th May


hi Peter are you SFP or FBA ? That may have a bearing… thanks


FBM - same as the poster I was responding t (I think)


yes FBM too, thanks for confrming


Yes, my post was ironic rather than patronising, and wasn’t aimed directly at you.
All the same, it frankly amazes me the things some sellers moan about during this crisis.

Having said that, a month ago you posted:

we closed down today. government advice: is your journey really essential?
not putting staff at risk, not even by a tiny bit
stay safe everybody

You now seem to have changed your mind.

*also, remember we have an extended bank Holiday period coming up in the UK.