Incorrect delivery times advertising, bad effect on sales


We didn’t receive much of that, everything has been fine since RM managed to clear their bank holiday backlog. Something happened overnight and we lost all the buy boxes.

I was wondering if anyone else has been affected?


Point is that I haven’t had any complaints about delivery delays, yes one customer had to wait 3 / 4 weeks but that was Northern Ireland and it went to one of those holding companies. The customer was golden after I told her how things were with RM she was only too happy to wait and just when I had given up hope and after the umpteenth email where I offered to put the refund through, she left it another day and then told me it had arrived and thanked me for all my hard work.

I was managing my own buyers expectations by emailing them as soon as the order came through thus giving them a warning and also the opportunity to cancel and buy from another seller. I didn’t need my delivery or handling times adjusted.


Most of the time the orders will arrive within the estimate time of arrival. Maybe this is an opportunity to reduce your postage costs? Or dispatch you orders a little later?

In addition to the above it would be a miracle if we actually got some positive feedback from either Amazon.Fr or Amazon.DE despite sending every order first class…


I only ever send stuff 2nd class and it normally goes out the next working day (I used to send 1st class same day but since I work outside the home too it was just too much pressure), obviously Special delivery items arrive within a couple of days but I only buy SD for the insurance protection not because the book is urgent.

My feedback took a hammering when I stopped sending 1st class, I used to get c. 30% - 40% and it has probably dropped through the floor right now but such is life.


I sometimes wonder in the UK amazon sometimes sends a email asking for feedback whether they do on other platforms unsure?


They used to but as a customer I haven’t had one for ages. I think other sellers have said they’ve given up


Before everyone complains ,
I have had to deal with the Amazon delivery time extension , loss of buy box and Paper servietes , being classed as toilet tissue and blocked for sale .
Ridiculous pricing issues resulting in blocked listing for no reason .

But My trade is still running at 7 times higher than this time last year

Please name me another Market place that can generate these sales , as I have not found one


They also block the drains when you use them as toilet paper :roll_eyes: Amazon might need some advice from a water company :smiley:


Any Updates on the situation?


Still seems a very mixed narrative. RM have not really been pulling out all the stops in every UK region but overall sales are good. I suspect if I migrated to Amazon Shipping would soon get very positive delivery times advertised…