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and I have so many items same problem, I have stop sell those items with FBA because they charge to much fee 1 item take me to sort out 2 months still not finish that case, still around 30 items like that and I know I am right, costumer service is just wasting my time and other people time


  • Length: 27.71 cm

  • Width: 19 cm

  • Height: 2.59 cm

  • Weight: 0.1 kg

This is the measurement for this item, amazon said… I ask my self REALLY? Maybe someone here can hear me


This the measurement for this item Amazon said

  • Length: 20.29 cm
  • Width: 15.19 cm
  • Height: 2.90 cm
  • Weight: 0.10 kg


I had a nightmare and ended up calling them, they were measuring greeting cards at 300g and 5cm thick,

Took me literally weeks to get it sorted but I did eventually along with around £20 fees refunded that they’d overcharged me.

I think they just put it into a machine which measures the largest part (ie if that label folded up then they’d measure that) instead of using their common sense. Its the only solution I can come up with to work out how they measure my basic flat, unembellished cards at over 1cm, luckily for most it doesn’t affect my fees and I just give up fighting them for the sake of my sanity unless the fees are wrong.

Just persevere on, you will get there eventually (i dunno if its a coincidence but seems to work for me filling out the “how did we do” with 1 stars before reopening the case seems to get someone a bit more capable of reading if you can’t actually ring them)


There is a ‘remeasure’ section on the help. You put in the ASIN and request it and they will refund any they have sold. I have to do it every few months and have received a lot of money back. Very easy process which is rare in Amazon.


A lot lately, have 6 different ASINs currently trying to get corrected.
They are all nowhere near what they should be, which is under 2.5cm for small & light. 3 of the ASINs are actually under 1.0cm so who knows what they are doing but have been told all centres have new equipment !!
Have just been told by escalations to remove all stock and resend them again as different FBA centres are all getting different measurements even though exactly the same product.
Managed to get 1 cubiscan done that was right and they still have not added it to the listing after 22 days so charges are all still wrong £1-42 instead of £0.85.
This particular ASIN has over 1800 units overcharged to which I have now been reimbursed just under half but still have the wrong sizes in.
Very hard work as normally remeasure section is fine but believe new equipment is causing a problem.


I had a similar issue, but i replied to the remeasure case with a picture of the product being measured by digital caliper showing the correct size. This worked twice for me.


I didn’t know there was a resize help page! However I raised a case the other week for four items - took a couple of weeks for them to come back but they did remeasure and change the sizes. They resized them slightly bigger than what I though they were so allow for some extra! X


You go to help and in the search box type ‘remeasure’ you can then put fnsku in and they’ll open a case to remeasure


Basically, what they do is they take the card out of the cello wrap, stand it up on the desk and then measure the card with the opening that they needed to use to stand it up.

Obviously, or not, that isn’t the case, but they clearly don’t have using a ruler/calipers on their ‘world class’ training programme.

Until recently I had about 50 support cases going backwards and forwards trying to get them sorted, and I had a wide range of stupidity.

They did various things such as taking our product out of its packaging, laying it out flat on the table and measuring it.

One of the best was the photo that they sent of the measurement where they had literally measured the thickness by holding it up randomly against a ruler, not starting at 0, and then used the result without any attempt to subtract the start value.

What you will notice, as you do this over and over again, is that any text that you put in a response to the case is completely disregarded and it just kicks of another routine of ‘grab the nearest moron with a ruler’.

Good luck OP.


Wow thats crazy. No wonder they are so wrong - I give up trying to get them to remeasure one of those credit card sized plastic wallet poem things as they finally agreed it was under 1cm which brought it to 60p, I didn’t want to spend another 10 cases trying to convince them it was actually 1mm.

I was assuming that the card was opening slightly (as they do sometimes when lying flat) and they were measuring this opening, even though setting anything on top (even another card) would close it flat

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