Incorrect product images


Just had to refund a customer because they thought wrong product was supplied by us. On checking our listing, I found the product image displayed was totally wrong. The main image had been updated by another seller using the same ASIN. There must be a better another way Amazon can manage this. It happens frequently. I know I can report/update my product to correct an issue, but changes can take 24hrs and doesn’t prevent it happening again or in the first place. Adding a product to Amazon is strict, so I don’t understand why its so easy for other sellers to edit existing ASIN listing detail?


Hi this has happened to me a couple of times quickest resolution I found;
*Change Stock To zero
*Add correct images again by using edit
*Contact Amazon via the support option - explaining issue in brief and what s doing
***In the message add images showing the image and correct manufacturers bar-code as its likely to be asked for to verify

I found its usually resolved in a couple of days.


This is happening more frequently now and amazon needs to action changes quicker and some feedback confirmation.

I had an ASIN thumbnail changed to cat food and another implying there was 2. One took weeks to fix and another still has not been. Given the rouge actor uploading racist images saga, you’d think they would step up their game on reviewing and changing edits.


What Amazon fail to appreciate that changing the images after the customer has received the wrong item doesn’t resolve the real issue. Neither the seller, nor the buyer, has done anything wrong yet someone has to cover two lots of postage due to the ability of any other seller changing the product image, with the seller also having to put up with negative feedback if the customer decides it is our fault they haven’t received what they ordered.

It has happened to us 3 times in the last month.

Surely it is easy to stop as well. I know that a seller is supposed to provide proof before a listing changes but in many situations a product has different variations using the same bar code so changing the image is too easy to do.

Why can’t amazon contact all sellers with that item in their inventory and give them 24hrs to raise an objection to the change?


This has happened to me too on a bag.
The description stated black, the EAN for the product was for the black one - but the image was for a white one. As customers buy on the ‘image’ (not the description) I had several complaints. The trouble was in my Inventory the product showed the correct black image. It was not until I actually looked at the listing on Amazon I found the problem. I reported the problem numerous times both via the link on the product listing and by opening a case and it was never resolved. In the end I gave up and withdrew the item from sale on Amazon.
Now I have a similar problem. Slippers that come in various sizes. But the drop down menu option the customer selects from is associated with the wrong ASIN size. So customer selects Large but the order comes through to me with the SKU/ASIN for size Medium and I of course send Medium. I have withdrawn these from sale now too but cannot find a way to get Amazon to make the correction.


We have removed so many of our items from Amazon it is ridiculous. Seller Support is a complete joke and has no interest in sorting out any issues raised. I have lost count of the number of cases we have raised over the last 12 months and not one has actually been resolved.

Good job that ebay is still working.


Decided not to just give up this time, due to receiving a negative because of this issue. So far we have had 14 cut/paste responses that are totally irrelevant. They have just recycled the same three answers to a question we haven’t asked. Not one person has even acknowledged any of the 3 questions we have actually asked.


17 responses now. Has anybody ever managed to get anywhere with Amazon SC Support, such as getting feedback removed, when this issue occurs?


I have had this problem several times this year and I get a different response each time. Sometimes they delete the wrong pics but sometimes they ask for links to my website - I am the manufacturer (grow plants) There is no other seller, the images are just being incorrectly uploaded against the wrong product. CS say my images don’t comply and are misleading for the buyer but what is more misleading is having images of a wart remover instead of a plant!!


I feel your pain. We have had 23 responses now, with only 1 of them showing that the CS rep has actually read the case and not just grabbed the first cut/paste answer that may relate to the problem. We also have a case open trying to get the feedback removed, but all Amazon do for that is tell us to raise a case through feedback manager, which we can’t do.

As the manufacturer you should have far greater power than us regarding your listing though, as you are the brand owner.


‘Seller Support’ - they hardly resolve anything, only make things worse sometimes.


Can’t argue with that. As well as the main case, which has now had over 25 responses they keep telling us to open a new case for the feedback removal but when we do someone else tells us that we aren’t allowed to do that, so they close the case, meaning we have to start again :frowning:


The listing becomes the property of Amazon so anyone can list against you even if you don’t supply them. We are only small but we have had a big national plant mail order specialist listing on ‘our’ listing and massively reducing the price. We have had up to 4 other sellers selling. There is nothing you can do


Having others competing on the same listing is a completely different matter. That is how Amazon is supposed to work - All sellers on 1 listing for each product.

We are talking about where a product image gets changed to a different product.


Had another one today on a child’s fancy dress costume. Listing details page has been changed to a different size to the one on the order. This is the 3rd time this month we have had this issue, absolutely ridiculous as we are having to waste time now checking every single order in case the details have been changed.


I have had my listing changed to an item that is completely different. Sold thousands of units on Amazon and I’m the only seller of the item.
The sellersupport seem to be just bots.
Very frustrating!


I believe Amazon has now become one of the worst places to sell. It’s a real shame as they were really efficient 10 years ago.