Increase restock limits


is there anyway to increase my FBA stock limits as i have not shipped FBA since brexit i hold 2000 items still in amazon yet my limit has now dwindled to a 1000 .
my past history using FBA i had FBA limits of 35000 but have let that down primarily due to brexit

therefore i cannot use FBA unless someone from amazon can help?? 10000 at least required otherwise its pointless for me


Not really. You can always try asking, but it is an area where Support tend to say no. Your best bet is to use what’s available to sell quickly and your restock limits should start to climb.


All you can really do, is to get some fast moving product in there and when next time it’s reviewed, your limit will increase.

However, though it may not be of help at the moment, Amazon are rolling out something called “Store and distribute”. It’s basically a different Amazon warehouse, but if your products qualify, they will automatically feed into the FBA centres and it won’t matter what restock limit you have.


Hello @Patch_Nation1,

The information that I found about storage limit is that is calculated by cubic feet.

This limit is directly linked to the inventory performance, reflected in the IPI score in Seller Central.

On this help page you can find more information related to storage limit.



Nickolas, your actually missing what was asked.
It’s not storage limits per se, that the issue is with, but with restock limits.
They are two different (though related) things.

And This document details how they work properly.


Hi @NEil,
Thank you for the information and the correction.

@Patch_Nation1 I hope this information helps



i have no limits to my storage cubic feet which is tiny as my items are really small however i am pretty much unable to increase my FBA limits which is a total waste of time for us . even after an amazon associate rang me friday to sell me FBA again . UK limits should be increased with EFN which i planned to utilise


Are you on the individual selling plan or professional ?

Have you just started FBA ?


nope business pro seller selling 10+years , in which pre brexit i had 35000 items in FBA


As @Demel said then, you are best to use your allocated amount for fast selling units to increase your limits


i can’t send anything as i stated earlier , other than withdrawing stock . even at a 1000 items its simply unworkable for us as a business even when i have operated very successfully FBA with 35000+ items